South African Last Apartheid President F.W De Clerk Dies at 85

Mr F.W De Clerk, last South African Apartheid President, has died at the age of 85 years!
F.W De Clerk joined Politics in 1987 and came to power in 1989, played a crucial role in ending Apartheid.
Mr F.W De Clerk ordered the release of Mr Nelson Mandela from prison and lifted the ban on the African National Congress (ANC) party in 1990.
It was in his 2nd February, 1990 address to South African parliament that F.W De Clerk announced Mr Nelson Mandela, who had Spent 27years in prison will be released unconditionally
Nelson Mandela was within days, a free Man and a non-Racial constitution drafting Conference was Set Up, leading to the 1994 General Elections, which Nelson Mandela won the presidency.
Many black South African’s voted for the first time in their life in the 1994 elections.
Thus successfully ending the “white supremacists” rule in South Africa.
F.W De Clerk Shared the 1993 noble peace prize award with nelson Mandela for helping to bring apartheid to an end.
F.W De Clerk was criticized for both his roles at “encouraging” and “stopping” “white supremacists” rule.
Analysts Says F.W De Clerk never denounced apartheid and asks what legacies he left behind.
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa in his condolence message, said that F.W De Clerk helped to put South Africa on the path to democracy.
And had courage to step away from the path his “Afrikaner Party” he led had previously embarked upon.
That his death should inspire in all of South African’s to reflect on the birth of democracy in the country.
F.W De Clerk, whom South African’s calls a “traitor”, was a firm believer in apartheid, but then called for a non-Racist South Africa.
F.W De Clerk’s actions brought an end to decades of apartheid and ushered in majority rule.
F.W De Clerk who later chaired the global leadership fund, Retired form Politics in 1997, saying that it’s in the interest of the Party and Country.
Many have blamed F.W De Clerk for Violence against black South African’s and anti-apartheid activists.
Some other People have described F.W De Clerk as an apologist for apartheid and an apartheid criminal.
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said F.W De Clerk would be remembered for his “steely courage and realism”.
Death of South Africa’s last white leader F. W De Clerk has drawn mixed reactions.
Observers Say F.W De Clerk was Much More “braver”, than his predecessors in office in ending apartheid.
Many black South African’s were angered by F.W De Clerk’s failure to banish political violence.
The former South African President F.W De Clerk who said he had apologized previously, but some South African’s did not recognize it.
Prompting him to apologize again for apartheid in his last video message from Cape town.
In the Video Message, a frail looking F.W De Clerk said, “let me repeat it again, I apologize for the pain and hard indignity and the damage that apartheid had done to black South African’s”.
“That he apologized not only as a former president of South Africa but also as an individual”.
May His Soul Rest in Peace, Amen.

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