Isu National Convention: Dike To Batos, You’re Not National President …Hails Uzodinma

Isu Nation Convention is a body comprising of aborigines scattered and located all over the South Eastern States but predominantly in Imo State. These locations include the LGAs of Isu, Njaba, Nkwerre,

Nwangele, a large portion of Orlu, Oru East, and some parts of Ideato. lsu people are also found in Isuikwuato in Abia State, Isu Ohaozara in Ebonyi State. And many more in Anambra State.

INC was formed in Imo State by a group of personalities led by His Excellency Dr. Douglas Acholonu of

blessed memory, a Surgeon of the Medical Profession. He was a political strategist, former Deputy

Governor of Imo State in Chief Evan Enwerem Government. He piloted the affairs of this body as President for a very long time.

Some of the officers that worked under him are:

  1. Rt. Hon. Okechukwu Dike – then National Vice President
  2. Dr. Richard Agbarakwe – National Secretary
  3. Dr. Bathos Nwadike – National Publicity Secretary
  4. Mrs. Chika Uju
  5. Some of the leading Elders include Barr. Reuben Okoro, Rt. Hon. Chuma Nnaji etc.

It was not like Dr. Douglas Acholonu wished to remain forever as President; he quietly stepped aside in the meeting held in Umundugba in the residence of his Vice, Chief Okechukwu Dike. He peacefully handed Over to the Vice to the applause of all present.

We have held meeting’s  in various homes including Chief Obinna of Agbajah, Chief Reuben Okoro of Atta Njaba, Chief Johnbosco Ozigbo of Abba in Nwangele. Dr. Acholonu as INC President was a workaholic, and galvanized Isu people to the satisfaction of all.

Under him, INC, played significant roles in shortlisting prospective governorship candidates and candidates of other political positions to help bring out the best for Imo State.

When the wife of Dr. Acholonu (Prof. Catherine Acholonu) died, INC was there in full force, same was repeated when our leader, Dr. Acholonu died. May his Soul Rest in Perfect Peace, Amen.

Now the elders say may the elders not die young, so that the younger generation will not eat Vulture and call it Kite.

Some transactional politicians are springing up to lay claims to position and clout they never and will never have, splinter group appearing on the pages of the newspapers.

Please let’s not create faction in the name of politics. INC is one under the leadership of Chief Okechukwu Dike till a congress is held. The publication in Watch Dog of 23/4/24 and Newspoint of 24/4/24 is absurd and does not have authority of the executive or the president, and we condemn it in all its ramifications.

Bathos Nwadike was the Chief Political Adviser to the Governor of Imo State, His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodinma’s Administration of three years came from Isu Nation. The roads and other infrastructural development are massive. The Governor is almost like he hails from Isu Nation.

He may be desiring to come back to the office of the Chief Political Adviser from where he eased himself out. This is not the appropriate pathway.

The Chief of Staff is from Isu Nation. The Former Agric Ministry, Digital Economy, Budget and Planning, Health, Education, Women Affairs and Social Development Ministries were headed by people from Isu Nation.

The Deputy Speaker is from Isu Nation. Njaba has the Federal House Rep. representing Isu Nation at NASS. Orlu in Isu Nation also has the Rep. for Orlu/Oru East and Orsu in the NASS. Bathos, will the Governor kill himself for you because you abdicated your responsibility. Crawl back, you may be accepted, our Governor has humanity at heart. But please I request you not to create factions in INC, even though you are running your group with Spiritual and Temporal Directors.

Let’s give peace a chance.

Rt. Hon. Okechukwu Dike

National President, Isu Nation Convention.

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