My Medical Health Fair And Education For Black History Month!


Princess Stella NJemanze-Neboh recently in United states of America,USA  held her Medical Health and Education Fair for Black history month.As an annual event,the Nebohs,Stella and her hubby, Eugene as a foundation support youths at  home and in USA where fun fairs and scholarship s are awarded for individual youth development in the black communities.For  Princess Neboh ,she notes:

“In life it takes a village to raise and mentor kids. The youth of any community is the backbone and basic foundation of that community’s existence. If we must talk the talk, we must also walk the walk. We must teach our Youths wrong from right and encourage each and everyone  of theto succeed. The more that succeeds, the less the number of dependent you will have everyday. This is my fight and message in both USA and Nigeria so help me God. Happy Black History month both home and abroad,my people.” Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients, recently




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