Re: Dissolution Of Political Appointees By Uzodinma: Truth Of Matter

By Amby Uneze

On the 16th of January, 2024, the People’s Governor of Imo State, His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma briefed all the State Expanded Exco, the SOLADs of Local Government Areas, the GLOs at the ward level and indeed all his Appointees. Being the first briefing after the Governor and his deputy, Lady Chinyere Ihuoma Ekomaru took his second term Oaths of Office to complete his Constitutionally mandatory eight years in office as the Executive Governor, the meeting was well attended and of course was pre-emptive.

It was pre-emptive because, both the appointees and Imolites had expected the Governor to dissolve his expanded cabinet having successfully completed his first term as the People’s Governor of the State.

Therefore, it was not surprising that His Excellency called the meeting to thank those he worked with in his first term and wished them well in their future endeavours.

Being a caring father to all, His Excellency in magnanimity announced that most of the dissolved appointees would no doubt form part of his second term administration. This was a cheering news to all that were in the old Sam Mbakwe Hall, at the Government House. The Governor, however, lambasted those who used the golden opportunity he gave them to paint the State black through some unscrupulous and unapproved acts that were not in tandem with His Excellency’s novel ideas.

By the dissolution, His Excellency also applied the Constitutional provision which guarantees him the power to dissolve all his political appointees that worked with him in his first term.

Granted that His Excellency also reserves the Constitutional powers to reappoint from among those he dissolved to form part of his second term administration, it is however, not right for any former appointee to arrogate himself or herself the power of his or her previous office to act as if he/she is above His Excellency’s dissolution.

Until His Excellency makes further appointments, which of, course would not be hidden to the public, all documents emanating from any government office would be signed by the most senior civil servant in that ministry or department, etc. Also, any Governor’s press release or Statement is bound to be signed by the Director of Press, Government House or the Principal Secretary to the Governor. That is an ideal thing to do.

As the immediate past Special Adviser to the Governor on Print Media, I have been inundated with calls questioning how embarrassing it is that some people cannot heed the simple directives of the Governor and wait until they are reappointed before they jump the gun? Unfortunately, some of this so-called self-appointed appointees started with the Governor four years ago and one wonders if they forgot something at the Government House. It is also shameful that aftering serving for four years and you are as well so desperate to come back it then means that the person did not make any positive impact in the last four years.

I commend His Excellency for his ingenuity to have discovered some people who in no small measure assisted him win his landslide victory of the November 11 Governorship Election in Imo State. In this case, I should be counted among the lucky ones His Excellency discovered and it is on record that the three months I served as his SA on Print Media, I made my mark, helped to deliver my booth, ward and local government to the Governor for the first time in history.

Finally, I want to appeal to my former colleagues of Expanded Exco to give His Excellency chance to plan ahead how his second term administration would turn around Imo State economy, improve in the welfare of Imolites and move the State to the next level, instead of stampeding him with unsolicited errands that are not necessary at this point in time.

Hon. Sir Amby Uneze

Immediate past Special Adviser to the Governor on Print Media


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