Samdaddy And Politics Of Peace, Unity In Imo His Enemies Do Not Want

By Ikenna Onuoha

Politics is interesting  but only those with clear conscience, progressive heart and clean mind can successfully play.

In the past, politicians with dark heart, wicked mind, bickering spirit, acrimonious  and rancourous ended up regrettably venture  into politics. This is because, they had wanted to accumulate more wealth and honour for themselves alone at the detriment of their followers.

Just as Mathematics is the most easiest subject with formula, so is politics very simple for those with good heart.

Why people fail woefully in politics is because of their pre-determined vindictive motive against possible opponents or rivals. This is what political opinion moulders describe as “point of destruction or point of irrelevance”.

In one of my publications in international journal as a Mass Communication scholar, “Appraisal of Persuasive Political Communication Effects on Youths Participation in Politics in Nigeria”, (you can google, Onuoha 2022), I did posit that the determinant index of success in politics is based on “uprightness, simplicity, trustworthiness, effective communication, public relations, un-induced smiles and cheerfulness”.

Political observers will always ask: if politicians are struggling to take power and make the society and the people better, why then would they be killing their opponents? If paradventure, everyone is killed, who then would the politician rule?

Using Senator SamDaddy Anyanwu as a focus with his political principle of peace and unity otherwise known as, “Live and Let Live”, one will agree with that he remains one of the special politicians in Imo state and Nigeria at large with a good heart and clear mind.

This is not because he has not mingled with brutal politicians in the past; as friends, but the truth is that, he has refused to allow their repulsive character to influence him or to behave like them.

Like the Bible puts it, “I will bless whom I will bless”, it should be noted that the Bible is talking to Senator Samdaddy Anyanwu in the context of politics.

The same Bible also posits that, “blessed are the pure in heart for they shall obtain mercy…”, the same Bible was referring to Senator Samdaddy Anyanwu, why?

If Senator Samdaddy could abandon all the political razzmatazz politicians engage themselves into and is only interested in the betterment of his generation, then who else is the Bible talking to?

If Senator Samdaddy could swallow all political insults, blackmails and destructive propaganda, hook, line and sinker from his political juniors and those he is working for their survival, then who else is the Bible referring to?

If Senator Samdaddy could concentrate on empowering the youths, the widows, the indigent, the less privileged and the downtrodden at his expense when his political colleagues are busy emasculating, pilling, hoarding and acquiring wealth, then who else is the Bible talking to?

In his wisdom, Senator Samdaddy understands that wealth without any trace of human capital empowerment amounts to primitive stupidity and ‘township’ hooliganism.

No wonder he succeeds very fast beyond the comprehension of his contemporaries and Achilles heels. Good politics is not for the greedy, selfish and the gluttonous political beggars, but for matured minds with less desperation for power as exemplified by Senator Samdaddy Anyanwu.

By so doing, we shall be expecting Imo of our collective dreams!


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