APC And Its Blood Tasty Govt In Imo: Samdaddy Is Right In His Assertion That APC Is Vicious, Corrupt, Insensitive, Retrogressive 

…Cajetan Duke Is Not Intelligent 

By Ekwueme O. Ekwueme

I read like any other Nigerian, a harsh statement by the APC Publicity Secretary in Imo State, one Cajetan Duke. He was reacting to a harmless and statesmanly assertion of the PDP National Secretary, Senator Samuel Anyanwu that APC Government in Nigeria, not only in Imo state is vicious, retrogressive, insensitive and corrupt.

Senator Anyanwu’s position should have been commended by anyone opposed to the wanton killings, kidnapping, economic stress and inhuman treatment the APC and its agents including Hope Uzodinma have thrown Nigerians into.

Instead of the party’s spokesperson in Imo state to appreciate Senator Anyanwu for saying the truth as a leader, he resorted to empty insults with diversionary intents.

However, looking at the level of insecurity, dehumanizing tendencies, robbery incidents, corruption and wickedness traced to the APC administration in Imo state and Nigeria, one will quickly without mincing words agree with political realists that there is an obvious vacancy in Imo state Douglas House in 2023.

Cajetan Duke or whatever he calls himself was unable to tell Imo people why insecurity has continued to increase in the state if there is a credible government in place in the state. He refused to find solution to this lingering and ugly trend.

Cajetan Duke also forgot that when a government fails to protect lives and property of the citizens, it will be assumed that there was no government that ever existed abinitio.

Perhaps, Uzodinma and Duke are yet to understand the current reality that there is no government in place in Imo state, considering the level of killings and break down of law and law, while the vicious, retrogressive, insensitive and corrupt APC structure doing nothing to remedy the situation.

To me as an elder statesman, the so called Cajetan Duke is not intelligent if not, he would have told Imo people why Orlu and Okigwe people cannot access their houses because of government’s inability to curb security menace.

However, APC is indeed vicious, corrupt, retrogressive and insensitive owing to the fact that the current administration in Imo state is paying less attention to the cries and plight of the masses, but only interested in the primitive acquisition of wealth and criminal diversion of taxpayers’ money to frivolities.

The APC government in Imo state and Nigeria is vicious, retrogressive, insensitive and corrupt for not attending to the demands of pensioners and civil servants.

All efforts to draw the blood tasty APC government in the state to the yearnings of our displaced Pensioners fell on deaf ears. This is why some of them are dying! God will judge Uzodinma and members of his vicious, retrogressive, insensitive and corrupt APC.

If there is no vacancy in Imo Government House, why will Hope Uzodinma be jittery and continues to sponsor his stooges to infiltrate Labour Party in the state to pave way for his blood tasty government?

Yes, there is vacancy in Imo Government House because the person on the driver seat is obviously an amateur who is power drunk, with or without relevance.

While am not holding brief for Senator Anyanwu, who to my knowledge has the best Media team, but as a nationalist, it behoves on me and other patriotic Nigerians to condemn the retrogressive and vicious APC administration in Imo state and Nigeria at large.

How could Hope Uzodinma and Cajetan Duke expect displaced and starved Imolites to support APC again after losing their loved ones to insecurity occasioned by bad leadership of APC in the state and Nigeria?

Information available to the public has it that Hope Uzodinma has given 500, 000 million to 5 Governorship aspirants at 50 million each in Labour Party. His motive is to ensure that the party is torn into shreds. We are also aware that same Uzodinma tried his best but failed woefully to infiltrate PDP in Imo State with clones, spies, and moles with a view to creating unsavory picture of disunity in the party.

While am not a member of PDP nor Labour Party respectively, I will not shy away from letting the public know that the position of Senator Anyanwu should be the best viewpoint of any right thinking Imolite in this critical time of Uzodinma’s failed leadership.

Let it be known to Uzodinma’s vicious, retrogressive, insensitive and corrupt government that Imo people are tired, hence looking for a better and credible alternative to APC, and such alternative could best be afforded by PDP under Senator Anyanwu.

At the Governorship poll in November 11th, 2023, the displaced Imo people will remind Uzodinma and his vicious, retrogressive, insensitive and corrupt APC that the Egyptians they saw yesterday, will never be seen again tomorrow.


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