Oseni Rufai: Complete Adversarial Journalist

Adversarial journalism refers to a kind of journalism or a journalistic role where the journalist adopts an oppositional and combative style of reporting and interviewing. [The goal of adversarial journalism is to reveal supposed wrongdoings of actors under investigation.

Instead of being completely impartial, adversarial journalists take sides in what they believe to be true.
They deliberately combine information with commentary or opinion in their writing.

In particular, adversarial journalists remain relentlessly hostile and highly skeptical regarding government, big business companies, and political events, questions, institutions and personalities.

Adversarial journalism is thought to be traditional in liberal democracies where journalism is regarded as a “Fourth Estate” (the fourth pillar of a democracy).

It is also considered an extreme form of participant journalism or advocacy journalism. It has been contrasted with public or civic journalism.
Chukwu Ngozichukwukanma

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