Samdaddy, The Quintessential Political Reformer Of Our Time

By Michael Nwokocha

As the November, 2023 governorship election approaches with feverish speed and as campaign gains momentum and passion begins to rise, a new dawn beckons on Imolites to change the political narrative, that is, to effect the necessary changes in Imo State, through the instrumentality of their PVC-Permanent Voters Card. The 2023 off-cycle gubernatorial election in Imo State will be a defining moment for democracy. The election will mark a water-shed in the political history of Imo State, with the coming of Distinguished Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu-Samdaddy, the PDP Governorship candidate, who is destined by providence to take the mantle of leadership at the Douglas House Owerri.

PDP Imo State is on the cusp of history with the formal adoption of the 1999 Imo Charter of Equity at the Egbu Road-map Declaration, which gave Owerri Zone the inalienable right to produce the next governor of Imo State. The collective will of the people must prevail in Owerri Zone to ensure equity, fairness and justice. The adoption of the 1999 Imo Chapter of Equity signaled a new chapter in the political landscape of Imo State. It is a significant and necessary paradigm shift of power. The reactivation or reintroduction of the 1999 zoning system will restore and rekindle the confidence and expectations of Imolites in the polity.

According to a recent public opinion survey and media parley conducted, vis-a-vis, the popularity rating, approval rating and credit rating of each governorship candidate, Samdaddy stands out as the best option for Imo State. He was rated as the most qualified, most acceptable and most credible among the governorship candidates for the 11th November 2023 election.

This is a once in a life-time opportunity for Imolites to beat the drum and roll out drum to usher Samdaddy to the seat of power at the Douglas House. His historic emergence as PDP flag bearer is an eloquent expression of his state-wide acceptability.

Samdaddy is a man of inestimable quality and value. He is a man with a rich pedigree, verifiable antecedent and excellent track record of accomplishments. He is a detribalized illustrious son of Imo. He is a Change Agent, a Bridge-Builder, a Pathfinder and a Trail-blazer. While criss-crossing the length and breadth of the state during his electioneering campaign he declared the following as his core mandate; A Speaker for the speechless, A Helper for the helpless, A Voice for the voiceless, A Hope for the hopeless, A Defender for the defenseless and a Father to the fatherless.

As a seasoned technocrat and consummate entrepreneur, he has promised as a matter of necessity, to constitute a robust executive council made up of technocrats with value-added professional expertise, to drive the programs and policies of government. As a legislative administrator per excellence, he has promised to adhere to the sacred principles of separation of power to ensure cohesiveness and harmony in policy implementation. He has equally promised to ensure independence of the judiciary and autonomy of the legislature.

As a seasoned grassroot politician and as a visionary and dynamic leader of the modern time, he has promised to deliver on his core electoral mandate. He has promised to match his campaign promises with visible action. He has promised to change the landscape in all the critical sectors of the state, in order to, reposition the state for greater heights. According to him, leadership must be responsive to the needs, yearnings and aspirations of the people. He averred that, a good leader is a precursor to good governance and massive development.

As an astute politician and pragmatic leader, he said, it is incumbent on government to create enabling environment for Small Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) to thrive. SMEs are engine for economic growth and Job creation. He declared that, he has the vision to make the state a viable economic haven in the West African Sub-Region by encouraging Nigerians at home and in Diaspora to invest in the state.

As a practicing agriculturist, he has promised to invest heavily in agriculture, which is the engine for economic growth, transformation and job creation. Agriculture is an alternative source to diversify the economy. He has promised to embark on private sector driven agro-processing value chain. The introduction of the use of smart modular irrigation system during off season farming period will be a step in the right direction.

One of his cardinal priorities is to embark on massive industrialization, which is an antidote to massive unemployment and youth restiveness. As a lover of education, he has promised to make qualitative and functional education, one of the cardinal policy thrust of his administration. Education, is the bedrock of the society and the hall-mark of development. And because health is wealth and a healthy state is a prosperous state, he has promised to implement a comprehensive health management system with emphasis on the primary, secondary and tertiary heath care delivery. He has promised to chart a pragmatic course towards tackling the challenges confronting the power section. He has equally promised to address the infrastructural deficit in the state.

As a youth friendly, gender-friendly and people-oriented leader, he has promised to initiate a youth employment, women empowerment and vocational skill acquisition action plan. He promised to mainstream gender parity and social inclusion in the governance of the state. Tourism is a viable source of foreign exchange and a credible avenue for job creation. Imo state should consolidate on its status as a tourist destination. He has promised to invest heavily in sports, which has the inherent potential and capacity to create employment and attract foreign direct investment. The creative industry is a pivot for economic growth and job creation.

Security and safety of lives and property is sine qua non in any nation. He has promised to make security one of the cardinal objectives of his administration. He has also promised to address the avalanche of security challenges bedeviling the state. The need to adopt a proactive, holistic, integrated and multi­dimensional approach to security cannot be over emphasized. It is also imperative to hold strategic engagements and critical consultations with key stakeholders in handling the scourge of insecurity. No meaningful development can be achieved in a state of insecurity.

A window of opportunity beckons on Imolites to change the worsening narrative for a sustainable and lasting future. Returning PDP to power in the 11th November, 2023 off-cycle governorship election is a critical pathway towards restoring and repositioning Imo State. Distinguished Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu-Samdaddy, is classic and quintessential achiever with a Midas touch to deliver on his electoral mandate. Vote for Samdaddy, Vote for PDP.

Michael Nwokocha, is the PDP Ibeme Ward Secretary in Isiala-Mbano LGA, of Imo State. (08068697321, 08119080786)


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