Reps Seat: Appeal Court Affirms Lower Court’s  Judgement, Upholds PDP Chinedu’s Victory

…Chinedu has defeated Igbokwe 10 times in various courts

The Imo State Election Petitions Appeal Court in Lagos, Nigeria has unanimously declared Hon. Emeka Martins Chinedu of the PDP to be the authentic candidate of the party, and the undisputed winner of the 2023 Ahiazu Mbaise/ Ezinihitte Federal Constituency election.

In their judgement, the Appeal Court Justices led by B.A Georgewill agreed with the findings of the lower court. They also determined that the appeal had no merit and upheld the verdict. This meant that the hopes of a serial House of Representatives contestant, Hon. Nnanna Igbokwe, and those of his ally, the Labour Party candidate, Darlington Amaechi who had hoped to allegedly deceptively gain a seat in the House of Representatives, were dashed.  The latter had tried to capitalise on the popularity of Peter Obi, whose frenzy and acceptance was high in the South East at the time. However, that effort, is by this judgement, stamped null and void.

It should be recollected that on   September 7, the Justice Salisu Umar -led panel in unanimity, declared Hon. Emeka Chinedu the rightful winner of the election. The panel also determined that other parties lacked the authority or locus standi to interfere in the internal affairs of their opposing party. The matter had been considered by the High Court, Appeal Court, and Supreme Court respectively, with Hon.  Chinedu emerging victorious at all times, and Igbokwe being deemed an unwelcome interloper who was attempting to interfere in the internal affairs of the PDP.

Interestingly, Hon. Nnanna Igbokwe now holds the record of being the undisputed heavy-weight petitioner who had taken Hon. Chinedu to court ten good times and had been defeated each time. It seems he is unwilling to accept the results of the election again.


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