World Teachers’ Day: Samdaddy knocks Uzodinma Over Workers’ Poor Treatment In Imo

…Promises:Workers’ welfare will be made priority

…Hails Teachers for surviving hardship, frustration
” Shame to ghost workers syndrome”

As Teachers all over the world celebrate the 2023 anniversary with the theme, “The Teachers We Need For The Education We Want: Global Imperative To Reverse The Teachers Shortage”, the Peoples Democratic Party Governorship Campaign Organization, on behalf of its candidate, Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu(Samdaddy) thanks God for saving Imo workers and teachers, especially from administrative ambush under the embattled Governor,Sen. Hope Uzodinma who has tagged them, “Ghost” workers for no justifiable reason.

“Imo workers are so dedicated, committed and devoted in working assiduously for the development of Imo state. Most regrettably, the present administration led by Uzodinma has a natural hatred against Imo workers especially, teachers”,the release noted.
PDP noted that ,recently, Uzodinma had allegedly selected over 40% percent of Imo workers and pronounced them “Ghost” workers simply because, his government is unable and incapable of paying them accumulated salary.

The governor,it maintained has also demonstrated obvious hatred against Imo Teachers by ignoring all appeals by stakeholders to repair dilapidated schools structures across the state, or construct new ones to gaurantee conducive learning environment.

“Painfully, up till date, Uzodinma has utterly and flagrantly ignored that call.

“It is annoying that while Teachers in other states are given much attention and provided with good welfare packages by Governors in those states, Imo Teachers are abandoned and left to live by borrowing after sacriificing their best to aid state and nation building”,the party also alleged.

According to it,while they are set to celebrate this year’s World Teachers Day, Uzodinma will still ignore them to gather under the sun or in the rain when their counterparts in other states are pampered and provided with Air-conditioned auditorium for the event.

The World International Teachers’ Day marks the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 International Labour Organization,ILO and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, (UNESCO) recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers.
The UNESCO recommendation helps to set the benchmarks regarding the rights, responsibilities of teachers and standards for their initial preparation and further education, recruitment, employment, and teaching and learning conditions.

In all these recommendations by UNESCO, Uzodinma has reportedly neither implemented nor provided relevant equipment, or promoted Teachers to their desired grade level to gaurantee quality teaching and learning environment. This neglect underscores the abysmal and low performance of Imo state students in the recent ratings which listed the state as among the first five states that are backward,it insisted.

Congratulating the teachers for the celebration of this year’s Teachers Day, Anyanwu urged them to remain steadfast in the face of intimidation, harassment and molestation, assuring them of his willingness to make their welfare package a major priority of his administration when Imo people will elect the Governor in the November 11 election.


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