Ugorji Presents 7 Books For Educational Research, Relaxation, Knowledge Upgrade

By Chidiebere Iwuoha, Owerri
Imo State Commissioner for Homeland Security and Vigilante Affairs, Dr Ugorji Okechukwu Ugorji has successfully published and presented to the public seven of his books for educational research, relaxation and upgrade of knowledge.
The event was organized by the Association of Nigerian Authors(ANA) Imo State chapter in conjunction with African Writers Endowment(AWE) and tagged ” Writer/Author In Focus: The Significant Works Of Ugorji O.Ugorji.
The books are: “The Adventures of Torti and  the Crow Bride”,  ” From the Belly of the Gods”,  ” Sunrise Daughters”, ” I Saw the Sky Fall”, ” She is Eternal and Other Poems”, ” Securing the Homeland” and ” Ilu: African Proverbs In Igbo, with English Translations”.
According to those who took turns in reviewing the 7 works of  Ugorji the author, “The Adventures of Torti and the Crow Bride” centres on Tortoise(Mbe) regarded in Igbo folktales as an animal with great sense(No 6), has intelligence or wisdom (ako na uche)which it uses in dealing with other animals or creatures both positively and negatively;  In “From the Belly of the Gods” we see a character, Mazi Uzoma, who turns into a master story teller, telling a lot of stories that the reader would never have imagined, like how ‘Father Christmas’ originated from Africa etc.
In the ” Sunrise Daughters”, Ugorji dedicates it to the likes of Igbo women who distinguished themselves in different fields of endeavour, like Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Prof Dora Akunyili, Atlanta Olympics Gold medalist/police officer, Chioma Ajunwa, Dr Mrs Kema Chikwe, Chinyere Asika among others, and maintains that with quality education and adequate attention, the sky would be the limit of the girl child. Also, in the ” I Saw the Sky Fall”, the chief character, Nnamdi went to America at the early age of 8, where he experienced a life different from what he had seen in Africa where he came from. For example, the snow falling from the sky and the beauty of the new world. Such experience is only available to the privileged few at that age.
In the ” She Is Eternal and Other Poems” it is made up of emotional poems, especially the ones that capture or project the Igbo cultural heritage, while “Securing the Homeland” looks at leadership and security issues in Imo State, the country and beyond and profers solutions to them.
“Ilu: African Proverbs In Igbo, with English Translations” is self explanatory. The book unbundles so many Igbo proverbs that appear difficult to understand and makes the reader feel at home with the Igbo language. The book aligns with Professor Chinua Achebe who made it clear in some of his works that ” proverbs are the oil with which Igbos eat the yam”.
Commenting on his efforts, the author, Hon Ugorji disclosed that his parents exposed him to book-reading early in life and this helped in making him what he is today. He advised  the youth to cultivate the reading culture to enable them broaden their knowledge horizon.

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