Labour Party Moves To Take Over Imo, Launches Wide LG Campaigns

…Campaign Train Moves to Ngor Okpala, Ezinihitte 

The Labour Party, LP, in Imo State has taken its bid to take over the reins of power in the state a notch higher with its launch of campaigns across the state’s 27 local government areas ahead of the November 11 gubernatorial election in the state.

The LG campaigns were kicked off yesterday at a very elaborate ceremony in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area, which drew a mammoth crowd of party faithful and other residents, who desire a change in the fortunes of the state.

According to the Labour Party chairman in Imo State, Barr. Calistus Ihejiakwa, “the choice of flagging off our local government campaign in Aboh Mbaise is in solidarity with Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha and the entire Mbaise people who were robbed of a well deserved victory in 2019, when Ihedioha lost his hold in power to Governor Hope Uzodinma in one of the most curious judgements in the annals of Nigerian jurisprudence.

“Mbaise is the only nation in Igbo land. The injury caused to Mbaise people by the Supreme Court is the injury to all Imo State and reasons for Labour choose Aboh Mbaise as the first to receive the campaign entourage of Senator Achonu,” Ihejiagwa added.

The Palace of Eze RA Amadi, the Obi I of Obetiti Nguru Autonomous community, Aboh Mbaise turned into  a palace of blessings and prayer, as the entourage of Senator Athan Achonu made a brief stop to pay homage to the first class monarch.

The Director General of the SANA campaign organisation, Engr. Chime Nzeribe, promised the people that Senator Athan Achonu will wipe away your tears.

Chairman of the campaign council, Hon. Tochukwu Okere, also declared their unwavering support for Achonu.

He added: “I represent my colleague Hon. Nwogu and Senator Onyewuchi who are unavoidably absent. We all agreed to support Senator Athan Achonu.”

AIG Ugomuo, a former governorship aspirant,  vouched for the dependability of Achonu and why he is preferred to other contestants in the race.

“Among all the candidates, Athan Achonu has the best character and what makes me support him mostly is his capacity,” Agomuo said.

“I contested against him in the primaries; it was free, fair and credible. Athan Achonu won the primaries. It was then I knew he was the best candidate.

“Today, we collapsed Aboh-Mbaise to Athan Achonu and handed over to him our flag of victory.

“In high spirit of excitement, the Mbaise nation donated their rights to vote in support of Senator Achonu.”

The deputy governorship candidate, Hon. Tony Nwulu, who is an Mbaise son, declared: “We will give 100% votes to Senator Achonu.”

Ihejiagwa, the Imo LP chair, insisted that the Labour party had no two candidates. The only Candidate for the Labour Party is Senator Athan Achonu.

The man of the moment, Achonu, addressed the excited mammoth crowd in his usual flawless Igbo language.

He said: “God will patiently bless you as you patiently waited for me.

“I will chase out the man that robbed the victory of your son. I will chase him to the village but I pity him because he has no where to run to. His name is Hope Uzodinma. Since I came out, he has been fighting me because he knows that I am the only one that will chase him out of the Government House.”

He again rubbished the rumour that he collected money from Governor Uzodinma to front for him.

“He (Uzodinma) said he gave me money; do I look like someone that can be bought? I have investments in Imo State and have been paying a great number of Ndi Imo salaries in the last 30 years. I have sent many people to school on scholarships and many things I have done.

“I will industrialize Imo through the establishment of two industrial parks in each zone of the state including a pharmaceutical park in Orlu zone.

“I will grant local government autonomy. Hope Uzodimma knows that this is a commitment I have made for many years.  Recently, he said he wants to do local government elections. What has he been doing in the last three years? Why has he not conducted the Local Governments elections?

“I stood by Peter Obi in his journey to become president when both Hope Uzodinma and Sam Daddy were supporting Northern candidates, even when it was agreed by all and sundry that it is the turn of the South and South-east in focus.”

The front runner gubernatorial candidate also shared his thoughts on the security situation in the country.

He said: “The blood of Ndi Imo that is flowing on a daily basis and burning of houses hurt my heart so much. After I chase Hope out of the Government House, I will dialogue and engage our brothers in the bush. I will create jobs for them and they will come out from the bush. Killing and shedding of blood will stop. I will stop all manner of attacks and insecurity in Imo State.”

He accused Uzodinma of sponsoring the crisis in the Imo Labour Party.

“All the factions in the Labour Party are sponsored by Hope Uzodinma,” Achonu alleged.

He then promised the people of Aboh Mbaise to protect their votes and ensure the Labour party’s Victory is protected.

With the flag off of LGA campaigns, the Labour Party Campaign train moves to Ngor Okpala tomorrow 15th and Ezinihite Mbaise on Saturday 16th September


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