By Henry Chukwuka

Tompolo, Ateke, Asari Dokubo and their Niger Delta Militants supposedly surrendered their arms to their arch enemy, Nigeria and cashed out in Millions.

In 2016, Mr. Clark announced a sequel in the name of Niger Delta Avengers. Everybody hailed them. I remember in 2016 how everybody was rooting for them because we bought into their idea, which they say is justice. I can’t remember a single article from anybody from their region condemning their actions. I don’t recall a prominent Niger Deltan branding them terrorists and calling for their proscription.

Years ago, Boko Haram started flexing muscle in the North. The ex COAS, my brother Colonel Azubuike Ihejirika was on their neck, almost suffocating them to submission. But to our surprise, our dear president called them their ‘Misguided brothers’ and said that a fight against them is a fight against the North. It was one of the most shocking things I have ever heard since I was born.

As if that’s not enough for a wobly country like Nigeria, some more killers emerged with the title of Herdsmen. They killed with impunity and are still killing- yet the North threw their weight behind them.

Another so called ‘bandits’ have joined them, maiming and committing attrocities with a confidence that would stun even a pride of lion. Still what they enjoy from their Northern brothers is full support. We even woke up to shocking news days ago that these murderers were compensated with alleged #800M. They were located by one Gumi who has no military bearing but somehow is in position to dialogue with these rogues. These is a group whose location remains a mystery to the poor Nigeria military. We cheered.

Last year, Amotekun reared its head in SW and everybody clapped. Neither Tinubu nor his cohorts came out to condemn them or cry for their proscription as a terrorist organization.

Oba threatened to drawn Igbos in the lagoon in 2015 if we failed to support his Governorship candidate and dared to make that unserious Jimi Agbaje Governor of Lagos. Some Igbos outside Lagos clapped and laughed like those under the influence of nitrous oxide (Laughing gas).

I don’t remember prominent Yorubas calling for Oba’s head. The same Oba who couldn’t protect his royal sandals and staff from some hoodlums, but somehow ready to drawn a whole tribe.

Alright, another mentally unfit son of the Yorubas who answers to Adeyinka Grandson has lost his voice screaming his hatred for ndigbo and till date, the army nor the president see him as enough threat nor are his people asking for his head on a plate.

Sunday I. Is busy running around wearing the tag of a ‘freedom fighter’ and the Yorubas have stood firmly with him.

Now, let’s go to the East. The so called prodigal son, Igbo has only seen the red side of this sorry establishment.

Immediately Burutai was sworn in, one of his first undertakings was the famed Operation Python Dance which took place in my own homeland.

As sad as it is, some Igbos were here jubiliating and making fun of such idiocy that saw our innocent sons subjected to public humiliation while others lost their lives.

The hungry Ohaneze like nursery school kids denied Akara during brake period outran their shoes to lay compliants in Abuja against IPOB and MNK.

IPOB was hurriedly proscribed a terriorist organization and their members hunted with the glee of a hungry fisherman by the ill trained Nigeria army.

Nnamdi Kanu was demonized, his parents wasted and the peaceful East turned to a war zone. What did our people do?

We have cowards like Joe Igbokwe who is being spoonfed by the Lagos State Government, talking through his anus and asking for Nnamdi Kanu’s head.

When the armies were maiming Igbos in P.H during the heat of the Endsars movement, our so called brother Governor gladly sold them out after denying his origin.

As a very concerned individual, MNK once again devised the idea of Eastern Security Network to safeguard our land from the killer Herdsmen. What happened?

That supreme Court Governor whose only qualifications to being on the Governor’s seat remains, marrying the ex Governor’s daughter, had the guts to invite the military on his people.

As he stupidly went on and on, trying to justify his actions, one would think the North and the S.W would be provide him a backing but alas, it is my fellow Igbos that trooped out shamelessly in support. In their bid to sound politically correct, ndigbo has continued to present themselves as the monkeys of this zoo.


From Nnamdi Azikiwe who dreamed a true federalism system of Government and ended up handing power to the wrong people in a desperate attempt to keep this lousy experiment of a country glued together, to Ojukwu who’s hunger for unity dragged him to Aburi and back only to be disgraced. Why are Igbos so hell bent on their allegiance to this country?

Nigeria has made it clear year after year, that they don’t rate Igbos. Yet we have refused to vehemently sit up!

The North and the West clung to their ethnicity with pride while ndigbo are obsessed with playing the true patriots.

This is no longer about what is right and wrong; there should be no talk of morality in a forced union. I think ndigbo should learn ethnic cleavage like the Yoruba and the Hausa.

IPOB haven’t even fired a bullet and we are quick to brand them terrorists while the North are there explaining how bandits aren’t criminals. Who stole our brains and replaced them with cow dung? Who is the person? Who did us? Who made us fools in this unworkable abusive marriage? Why are we the one crying marginalization, begging for breakup yet working and hoping for a better tomorrow in the same messed up arrangement?

As distaseful as it sounds, if Igbos learn tribal bigotry maybe this contraption will heat up enough to break so that everybody can finally have a breath of fresh air.

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