Stop insulting Ihedioha, COS tells Rochas …Alleges: You stole Imo money

Chief of Staff to Imo State Governor, Barr Chris Okewulonu has cautioned the immediate past Governor of the State, Rochas Okorocha, to stop unleashing his frustrations on Governor Emeka Ihedioha .He also advised the former governor “to toe the path of restitution by apologizing to Imo people for his eight years of mal-administration instead of indulging in unnecessary comedy and theatrics. ”
The Chief of Staff pointed out that it was ironical that Okorocha reduced governance to a personal enterprise and took the people for granted, stressing that today, his ugly pasts have caught with him. He stated it would therefore, be wrong for the former Governor to attempt using Governor Ihedioha as his diversionary game plan to foreclose Imo people’s demands for him to account for his eight wasted years of stewardship as governor.
Barr Okewulonu,who was reacting to Okorocha’s diatribes against the Ihedioha’s administration in Owerri, argued that Okorocha ran an irresponsible government which acquired notoriety for financial malfeasance never witnessed in the history of the State before.
He queried, “Is it Governor Ihedioha’s fault that today Imo people and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) are demanding answers on how and why Imo was milked dry under Okorocha and are also sealing up choice properties acquired with humongous monies belonging to Imo people by Okorocha’s family members and cronies ? Is it Governor Ihedioha that brought Zigreat and JPROS companies amongst other unregistered and fraudulent companies used as conduit pipes to drain Imo’s finances under Okorocha ? Is the Governor responsible for poor and substandard roads and other bizarre infrastructural development of the State under Okorocha as well as the hardship Okorocha deliberately inflicted on civil servants, pensioners, the business community in the State and the people as a whole?
He berated Okorocha for thinking that he is smarter than Imo people, noting that the former Governor is a poor student of history. “Otherwise he should have been more careful in dealing with the people. But because of his lust for quick money at the expense of the poor masses, he was blinded to sound reasoning ,”he averred.
The Chief of Staff explained that Ihedioha’s choice of Honourable Commissioners was based on the experience and proven track record of service of the appointees rather than on the inordinate desire to create a political empire of stooges and inexperienced fellows as Okorocha usually did. “The governor chose those who would contribute meaningfully to rebuilding Imo. Okorocha destroyed the State totally and it will require selfless effort, experience and dedication to rebuild Imo. The task is gargantuan but achievable with the team the governor has meticulously assembled to assist him,” he posited.
Barr Okewulonu reiterated that Ihedioha is running a participatory democracy where every Imolite is a stakeholder unlike the military democracy Okorocha adopted as a governor. He said that today , Imolites have a say on how they are governored ,stressing that the mortality rate in the State has also drastically reduced. “This is because despondency has given way to hope, businesses hitherto in comatose are picking up again, honesty and sincerity have returned to governance while familiocracy and nepotism for which Okorocha was known globally have vanished in the conduct of government affairs,” he said.
The Chief of Staff opined that it will be advisable for Okorocha to show penitence and plead for Imo people’s forgiveness instead of believing that crying louder than the bereaved will divert the people’s attention from his horrific reign as governor of Imo State, adding that the era of comedy and show manship in the governance of the State is over.
“Okorocha mustn’t forget that when he ruled Imo, everyone gave him chance which he voluntarily squandered. I am therefore, warning him not to further attempt distracting this government in his own interest,” Barr Okewulonu cautioned .

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