Embattled Concorde hotel management flays media report, …Accuses Ihedioha’s com’tte of compromise

The embattled management of Imo Concorde Hotel and Casino concessionaire Kingsoul Investment NIG LTD has reacted to the fabricated and unfounded blackmail in some State based tabloids by the non experienced,ill fetched and illegally constituted Caretaker Committee on the management of the hotel.
In the purported meeting with newsmen, credited to one Raphael Jude Ude who claimed to have worked with the Transcorp Hillton Hotel with 27 years experience as a cleaner who addressed himself as the new managing Director to unveiled “a three – point strategic action plans towards restoring its lost glory to the National and International Standards”.
It was alleged that the purported Managing Director stated that “the committee will do everything possible to overwhelm the shocking discoveries that stalled the growth of the enterprise”. Observed that negative conduct and behaviors of immediate managers of the hotel led by Chief Kingsley Onyegbule, exemplified the ineptitude and mismanagement of state owned 5- star hotel” and so many frivolous allegations as contained in the publication.
To put the record straight for avoidance of doubt, Company Former Manager Hon Emmanuel Ele an experienced hotel manger and a member of Nigeria Hoteliers Association said that replying the new caretaker committees will only give the so called Ude an impetus in his myopic and psychiatric mood only targeted at defrauding the state by his attempt to hide the truth in the hotel which has 219 rooms and suites and the rooms are completely functional and not 67 as fraudulent and erroneous mentioned to create impression of IGR down turn this amount to insubordination and theft.

The embattled management of the hotel through the Manager Hon Ele also disclosed that the new Care taker committee which was illegally constituted by the governor lacks mental capacity to manage the hotel because the hotel was built by the state but before the concessions exercise the place was already abandoned and all the facilities destroyed and the South Koreans hotel experts redesigned and renovated the entire rooms, suite, hall, bars, lounge and even built a concorde boulevard and village including the maintenance of the Olympic sized swimming pool.
According to him the whole floors from first to the seventh floor where also redesigned to the International Standards and the needed hotel facilities are working within the said periods, Imo host some National Conference such joint National Senior Military Conference, National conference of African Bar Association, COMMON WEALTH PARLIAMENT (African Region) summit and many others were all logde in the hotel and any damage is done by the new caretakers to discredited the former management who have kept the place above all the hotels in the South East Zone as well as prides of the state.
Within the time in review, there’s no time the hotel recorded power failure but recently activities in the hotel was shut down for weeks due to power outage this negative scenarios also led the guests who abi nio tio are customers of the hotel for its genuine services were left to use candle sticks in the replacement of electric lights.
The new management failed woefully in the maintenance of the place as hotels are not run by politicians that is why the former government decided to concessions the hotel an agreement the new governor refused to review that led to the court litigation even the court has granted both parties opportunity to go for arbitration and warned the purported management to give peace a chance by allowing the investors to operate. It is also important to note that, Kingsoul team and foreign partners the concessionaire of the hotel are ready for a face to face interactions to safe the state from insolvent and fraud.
” so, itis infantile and a wrong claims of concorde using 600kva generator instead of 1000kva supposed needed to run the hotel, is simply a balance to the axioms that a bad work man always quarrels with tools”.

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