Methodist Women flay Ruga in Nigeria…Pray for God’s intervention to avert hunger

The Women’s Fellowship Methodist Church Nigeria, Diocese of Owerri, has appealed to the federal government of Nigeria to improve on the physical growth of the economy than nominal growth, stating that the country is paper robust than it appears on the faces of the human beings.
According to the Diocesan Women Fellowship President, Nneoma Precious Mark in an address presented during their 34th annual women’s fellowship conference at Owerri, during the weekend, women should always be fervent in their prayers, so as to reach God for him to touch the heart of leaders in the nation for better change to take place.
Nneoma Mark stated that Nigeria as Africa’s most populous country, largest economy and biggest democracy, Nigeria is “bell weather for the continent”, where the national and state elections in 2019 were deeply competitive with scattered instances of violence and also the issues of the Fulani herdsmen/farmers communal clashes with many deaths recorded, rampant kidnappings and the troubles of cattle grazing, cattle colonies, Ruga and others.
She said that the level of suffering and the hyper inflation of prices of essential commodities called for the appeal to the Federal Government to consider the poor masses who the economy is unappealing to.
The diocesan president maintained that there is persistent high level of unemployment and the loss of jobs are causing stet in the country, which is also stressful to the people which lead to depression and suicide cases in many parts of the country.
She added that the achievements of government can always be seen in the papers but it does not reflect on the condition of the people, so they are praying to God Almighty to put an end to the sufferings of the people.

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