Back-stabbing, bickering in Owelle’s political family

While it will obviously take time for the Gov of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha to fully recover from the fact of his political sons and loyalists, joining ranks with his political foes, the Governor of Imo state has been advised to brace for more of such trouble. But this time it will not be the Madumeres looking him in  the eyes and telling him they will neither support Ugwumba Uche Nwosu for Governor nor accept to run for the Senate themselves. It’s not  the Mbanasos calling Owelle’s bluff after winning his heart and making multi-millions from constructing markets and roads for his administration nor is it the Araraumes, Ejiogus, Ekechi’s and the rest.
The trouble with the current concerning situation is that the festooning war is internal and from the few faithful still loyal to the bulldozing governor. Emerging revelations indicate that there are moves within the Rescue mission family of Governor  Okorocha by some of the core loyalists, to back stab one another in a desperate quest to stay in top position for consideration for the governorship or deputy governorship slot just in the event Governor Okorocha yields to the massive  and popular pressure,said to be mounted by Party bigwigs in Abuja, to have him drop son-in-law Ugwumba Uche Nwosu in exchange for regaining the Party’s structure and maintaining peace across the political spectrum.  A top source within Okorocha’s camp made the disclosure recently. While most are doing eye service to catch attention of the  Governor’s son in- Law, Ugwumba Nwosu who the governor favours to succeed him despite grave opposition, some are blackmailing others out of reckoning. Because of the governor’s obsession with his self succession plans, it is believed that all one has to do to be noticed and favoured is to profess love for Ugwumba and the project or to mischievously point accusing fingers at some other appointees as ” not fully with us”
Its understood that a certain Abuja based Imo son in the national Assembly
who sees himself as a core loyalist to the Imo Governor. having seen that he might not make the second term bid has become very desperate and destructive in his desire to warm himself up to the heart of the governor. To make a place for himself, he is now doing all within his enormous powers and deep pockets to malign and lampoon everyone and everything that may present a stumbling block both now and in the foreseeable future.  He is not sparing any costs on the project and has been making quick and frantic moves to oust ‘perceived rival(s)’ in a bid to emerge as the sole consideration by Oga”, the source said. The current situation has attracted condemnation from eminent members of  the Governor’s political family who are said to be concerned about the bickering and backstabbing being perpetrated by some of the loyalists “especially as it will mean total destruction of all Governor Okorocha is trying to build”. the source submitted.
How can a member of the Rescue Mission pay millions of Naira to sponsor and  organise a youth protest and rally against another member of the same family?
The outcome of the primaries notwithstanding, it is reasoned that the inordinate ambition of this desperate politician may infuse bad blood among some other Okorocha’s faithful in the family who in solidarity for evil may begin campaign of calumny against their own, to the huge advantage of the wider opposition. The time for Okorocha to act is now,a source advised.
” Or they may elect to pitch tents with other smaller parties and constitute wider oppositions for the Governor”.
It is the reasoning of stakeholders in Governor Okorocha’s camp that if this ugly situation is not nipped in the bud, and this very hypocritical loyalist called to order, not long it would result to a mass exodus of loyalists out of the Governor’s camp for destinations that will end them in either PDP or APGA which by the way are waxing really strong in the state.

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