Shocking: South-East NASS member allegedly sleeps with Gov’s wife, daughter

A Member of The National Assembly from the South East has been alleged to be having amorous relationship with his boss’s wife and daughter.
The   lawmaker is a prominent member of the National Assembly according to an anonymous source started having an affair with Her Excellency for several years now and later moved on to the daughter of the Governor when the naive teenager got carried away by the flamboyance and glamour of this randy legislator.
The source further revealed that the legislator is very notorious for having affairs with people’s wife. In some instances he transfers them to Abuja from their local jobs in the Southeast state for easy access to these women.
The source   equally    promised to give more details in further publications with pictures, on how the Mr. Pretender disappears   and    shuttles   overseas   each   time the said Her Excellency travels abroad; only to appear back in Abuja after a few days.

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