Tasks before new Imo Police Commissioner

Recently, the Nigeria Police High Command in Abuja posted a new commissioner of police CP Dasuki Galadanchi to Imo State as the 33rd Police Commissioner for the state. The new police boss took over from CP Chris Ezike who was redeployed to the Lious Edet Force Headquarters in Abuja.
The belief in many quarters in the state is that CP Ezike whose redeployment could better be described as some sort of palace coup was consumed by politics. More specifically, his sudden transfer has strongly been linked  to the internal wrangling in the ruling All Progressive Congress APC, Imo State. But, whatever must have necessitated that change of guard in our opinion is no more important to Imolites given that no vacuum was created in the process. His going signalled the end of an era in the state command, while the appointment of CP Galadanchi marked the dawn of a new regime.
As a new CP who is barely one week in office there is no doubt that Mr Galadanchi is still trying to settle down and draw up his own roadmap for effective and proactive policing of the state. Recently, during his maiden press briefing the CP highlighted the areas he will be focusing attention and energy on thus giving an inkling into his overall policing agenda for the state.
Whatever maybe the new CP’s roadmap for his command and the state in general the people’s major interest remains adequate protection of lives and property through proactive, responsive and responsible policing anchored on rule of law.
This wish is not much to ask of the new helmsman in view of the fact that Nigeria constitution clearly stated that the welfare and security of citizens is the major responsibility of government. So as he gets down to business we are expecting him to, in the meantime work towards sustaining the relative peace and security in the state while mapping out strategies to reduce crime and criminality to the barest minimum. To achieve this we are calling on him to prioritize surveillance, intelligence gathering and community policing.
In view of the controversial way and manner in which his predecessor left the state, CP Galadanchi should mindful of how he carries out his duties. We want to urge him to allow himself to be guided by the ethics of his profession as well as rules of engagement of Nigeria Police Force. If he is courageous and bold enough to abide by these rules and regulations in the discharge of his duties his stay here would be a more secure, peaceful and prosperous Imo.
No doubt this is a tall order but nonetheless achieved with commitment. As experience has shown the political class here in Imo and indeed, Nigeria as a whole have always being the biggest stumbling block preventing law enforcement agencies from doing their duties without fear or favour. Most times these officials get into office determined to do right but sooner than later politicians in their desperation for power make them lose sight of their mission and vision.
Against this backdrop therefore we are calling on the new CP to completely shun politics and politicians. He should be an unbiased, neutral and impartial arbiter between the political class in the state no matter whose ox is gored. We are sure that if he can avoid the murky waters of politics and its banana peels, carry out his duties strictly in accordance with rules of engagement and effectively and proactively combat crime and criminality, Imo’s new CP would leave with his head high at the end of his service in the state.

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