The big question: Will Imo PDP also elect Prof Njoku as Ekiti PDP did to Prof Olusola?

Two Nigerian states have been identified with profound excellence in academic performances. Despite the dwindling state of education in Nigeria, the citizens from these States have maintained an unshakable faith in the use of educational advantages to effect positive social provisions that are paramount for a sustainable and all-round developmental blueprint.
These two states are Imo and Etiki, all from the Southern part of Nigeria.
Before now, there was a huge fallacious and ungrounded conclusion that the Nigerians from the South West have the highest number of most educated citizens in Nigeria. To know the esteemed height Ekiti state has attained in education, this same state was quoted as a state with the highest number of Professors in Nigeria.
Since that time, Ekiti state has been seen as a serious academic state in the country.
The advent of the social media revolutionalised information circulation in Nigeria, and quickly became the most reliable source of clearing the air, and setting issues straight on some unfounded and groundless information or even histories. It was at the early stage of the new media that the fallacies of the Lagos media and their false and fabricated information peddlers were brought to disgraceful futility.
A critically authentic research conducted by some media purveyors and few from the academia uncovered the truth that was surreptitiously barricaded by mischievous characters and mischief makers. What was this truth? The unquestionable facts in the Secretariat of the Nigerian Universities Commission, NUC, has it categorically unopposed and with statistically verifiable analysis and facts that Imo state is the most outstanding state in anything about education in Nigeria. What is more? That for the past 25 to 30 years, the state has been the one producing the highest number of Jamb candidates both in female and male Categories in the country.
In 2016 alone, records from the JAMB office was almost unbelievable, yet it was the realistic truth. That the number of Jamb candidates from Imo state was more than the number of Jamb candidates from the nineteenth northern states put together. This is how big Imo state is in matters of educational relevance in Nigeria.
Now, the biggest truth uncovered from the NUC, was that Imo State has the highest number of Processors in Nigeria – the MOST INTELLECTUALLY SOPHISTICATED HUMAN SOCIETY IN AFRICA.
Beyond the indisputable facts above, there is now a similarity in the affairs of the two states of Ekiti and Imo due to intellectual and educational equivalence. These two states have discovered that only solid educational background can guarantee sustainable economic development and social security. The have realized the extreme need to use citizens with sound ethics in Education to pilot their political affairs for their envisioned socioeconomic sustainability and dependable developmental blueprint.
To actualise these laudable dreams, the members of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP in Ekiti state have elected Prof Olusola, a human edition of education in their state to drive their political administrative vehicle for the total realisation of their lifetime political dreams.
The members of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP owe Imolites the patriotic responsibility to ensure that their hopes for a better and politically dependable future are not dashed at the altar of selfishness or gullibility for instant financial gratification.
Sincere efforts must be made by the delegate members of the party to ensure an exact replication of that supreme political Maturity recently displayed by Ekiti state members of the party.
It is now unquestionable that the PDP is the only political Party in Imo State that has the biggest brain and most intellectually sound Personality contesting for the biggest seat of power in the Douglas House, Owerri.
That consummate technocrat and indespicable Educationist is no other person but Professor Jude Ejikeme Njoku.
He is presently the most qualified administrator that can guarantee our future happiness by restoring the lost and ravaged political disposition of the Eastern Heartland.
Every well-meaning delegate member of PDP in Imo State must think for the future of our dear state and vote for Professor Jude Njoku at the party primary. This is a duty we owe to our state and socially devastated people. This is what we must do to have a state of our collective dreams.

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