Onyeagucha berates police attack, tear-gassing of traders in Imo …Says: I’ll fight for the people

Once more, we have observed with displeasure, the recent attack on Innocent traders at Douglas road last Tuesday, by the men of the Nigeria Police Force, under the instructions of Governor Ethelbert Okorocha.
Again, the Governor is using the Police to attack, harass, abuse and molest innocent traders who are doing their legitimate businesses in Douglas road .Sincerely speaking, the only offence committed by these innocent traders to deserve these entrenched wickedness, abuse and attack by Governor Okorocha, is that they only go about their normal businesses in Douglas road, seeking for their legitimate means of survival, that’s all.
For Christ sake, such shameless display of rascality, executive recklessness and high-handedness is highly despicable and depicts the brazen abuse of the principle of Rule of Law by the same Governor Okorocha’s administration which always profer and chats “Rule of Law” everyday in her deceitful anthem. Such incessant disregard to the principle of the Rule of Law and the fundamental rights of the citizens in the state portrays the stark barbarism and draconian style of Governor Okorocha’s administration.
However, we strongly condemn in its entirety Governor Okorocha’s tyrannical and dictatorial proclivity. Such action which is a relic of decades of military autocracy cannot be condoned or tolerated in a civilian and democratic setup like ours. Also, we frown strongly on the use of Police in perpetrating and enforcing illegality in the state. Also, we state boldly that the use of tear – gas sinister on innocent traders by the Police is highly offensive and contemptible.
We therefore, call on the new commissioner of Police in the state, Mr Dasuki Galadanchi, to desist from using his men to perpetrate act of illegality and injustice against the people, because we shall no more condone such act of illegality, or any other conspiratorial alliance between the Governor and the Police to continue to abuse and attack innocent Imolites for no just cause.
We call on the people not to relent as we have renewed our efforts to use all legitimate means within our disposal to fight any further illegality, atrocity and injustice against the people of the state.

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