Jerusalem remains Capital of Israel- Nwogu …Hails Trump for Bible fulfillment

The General Overseer of the Praise Center Ministry International (PCMI), Bishop Stafford Nwaogu has thanked God Almighty for the fulfilment of what is being written in the Holy Bible about the city, Jerusalem at the reign of President Donald Trump of the United States of America for the actualization of the city as the city of deliverance and strength of the World.
Bishop Nwaogu during the Christian United For Israel (CUFI) Prayer Outreach Nigeria, Imo State chapter celebrate 70 years of nationhood of Israel at the Praise Center Owerri within the week, stated that God has shown how wonderful He is by the scattering of Israel, yet they have not changed in culture, dialect and strength.
He said that Jerusalem has remained the Capital city of Israel which has been mentioned over 100 times in the Holy Bible as the  Holy city of the Lord where the Jewish gather to worship, wondering why the Palestinians are troubling Israelites who have toiled and suffered for the sake of their stubbornness to God.
The General Overseer maintained that the problem of the Christians with the Jews have been as a result of the killing of Jesus Christ at the Cross of Calvary, which has made the Christians to dislike the act of the Jewish, but thanks to God the both faith are beginning to understand their selves knowing that there is only one God Almighty.
In his words, the Israelis I so much love them because they taught me to know that there is God, I love them because of their creativity and innovation in skills and steadfastness with courage, I love them for their sudden emergencies as the World great power and I thank the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump for speaking the truth when it seemed hard to voice out to the World about the territory of Israel.
He advised that the United Nations should not be anti Semitic of the Israelis territory because Jerusalem for decades has been their place, beside every nation has a right to site it Capital at their choice area.

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