Igbo challenges: South East Town Unions to hold summit

Preparations are in full swing for the first South East Town Unions Economic, Security and Leadership Summit. The Summit, which is expected to attract top-notch Igbo sons and daughters in all sectors as well as the entire Town Union leaderships in all the communities across the South East, will brainstorm and highlight the roles of the Town Unions in addressing the tripartite economic, security and leadership challenges that beset the Igbo Nation.
According a release made available to newsmen by the National President of the Association of South East Town Unions (ASETU), Chief EmekaDiwe, the Summit has become expedient in view of the realities of the time and it is driven by a commitment to ensuring that the people at the grassroots in the South East are availed a forum to articulate their worries.
Town Unions have always been saddled with the responsibility of providing a credible structure for engendering development, peace and unity in all Igbo communities. The formation of ASETU as a coalescence of all the Town Unions in the South East has aided the attainment of the goals of Town Unionism. Lately, ASETU has carried out aggressive political enlightenment programs and has developed a roadmap for curbing the relative voter apathy in the South East through a blueprint called the South East Political Awareness and Electoral Participation Initiative (SEPAEPI).
The Summit, which holds on Saturday, May 19, 2018 at Royal Palace Hotels, Enugu, will provide a context for reflecting aloud on the solutions to the challenges of the Zone especially from the standpoint of Town Unionism.

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