MAJA party guber aspirant replies Buhari, Nigerian youths …Blasts FG for creating no jobs

A front line governorship aspirant in Imo state on the platform of Mass Action Joint Alliance, Barrister Aloysius Osuji ,has come hard on president Muhammadu Buhari for describing Nigerian youths as lazy during his last visit to London ,United Kingdom.
Barr.  Osuji ,who maintained that Buhari’s comment was un presidential ,said that the county’s youths have demonstrated uncommon sense of hard work ,commitment ,industry and versatility all theseyears.
The front line guber aspirant noted that though it was painful to hear one’s president disparage the youths of his country in an international area ,maintained that the unpatriotic statement will not deter the Nigerian youths from being good ambassadors “of our beloved country “.
He asserted that despite what he tagged as harsh and clueless economic policies and implementation process of the current administration, the ” workaholic youths of this country have continued to wither the storms”.
Barr. Osuji maintained that no patriotic president would call his youths lazy ,when he had not done enough to improve the standard of living which would encourage robust economic growth and employment growth.
He questioned why will Buhari call the youths lazy when there are no meaningful job opportunities for the youths upon graduation from the universities.
Barr. Osuji who described the nation’s ministry of Labour and employment as a shadow of itself ,asserted that through hard work and self development ,uncountable number of the youths of the county had distinguished them on various international platforms.
According to him ,the federal government had failed in policy direction and administrative prowess to configure the country’s ministries of sports and agricultural for massive employment and engagement of the youths .
Barr.  Osuji ,said that if not for the hardworking nature of the youths ,Nigeria would have been known for bigger crimes .
He assured that MAJA party government would implement a blue print that would see plenty youths being major stakeholders and drivers of the economy.
Saying that MAJA party would be leveraging on the huge work force which the youths represent to revive the economy, he stressed that the ministries of youths and sports ,Labour and employment and that of Agriculture would get government’s highest attention .
Barr.  Osuji ,urged the president to talk less ,take advantage of the county’s large market which was as a result of the industrious nature of the youths to build a working economy which will not continue to make the economy vulnerable to international business policy implementation.

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