Need for right behaviours on our roads this Yuletide

Now that the yuletide is around the corner it is a common feature in Owerri, the Imo State capital to observe that virtually all gateways and roads leading to the city experience influx of vehicles mostly by indigenes of the state living in the diaspora coming home.
These are of course, those who are returning from their various base to spend the yuletide with their loved ones and participate in the launching of new development projects in their various communities before going back to their respective stations.
One thing that stands out during this season is the constant grid-lock on all the major roads, and spill over to the smaller streets, making movement quite frustrating as many motorist try take their turn, sometimes blocking the chance of those who legally have the right of way.
As a result, motorists, travelers and even pedestrians suffer untold hardship because of overcrowding and no movement which sometimes causes some vehicles with faulty engines to get overheated with the attendant possible catching of fire of such vehicles and other dangers associated with such scenario such as sustaining of injuries, possible loss of lives and property.
Oftentimes when such an ugly gridlocks linger for hours unending, travelers who are caught in the web of such situation whose destinations are still far away begin to look for alternative vehicles which sometimes forces them to board wrong ones where the safety and that of their property are not guaranteed.
In the face of these possible issues, the state government should take an upper hand to combat this by ensuring that roads which are under construction are done speedily and in the night hours and not when the roads are very busy and occupied by road users.
The security operatives should as well be on hand to control traffic in addition to ensuring that road users do not abuse the rights and privileges they are entitled to, and clear criminals who are threats to travelers out of the way by identifying them and apprehending and bringing them to justice for peace and security to reign this Christmas.
All road users should as a matter of fact be disciplined by putting up expected attitudinal measures so that the available space could accommodate all and sundry without anybody suffering any form of frustration and other forms of injuries or losses as a result of other persons’ excesses. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

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