Ideato Federal Constituency set for political rebirth

Ideato Nation will make date with history on the 26th May,2018 when the Political Class comprising the Sons and Daughters of Ideato Nation will converge in Urualla ,the Head Quarters of Ideato Nation for a “One Day”  Political retreat that will take a cursory look at the Political development in Nigeria and particularly Imo State in order to assess how the political development in the country and Imo State affect Ideato Federal Constituency and her people. During the Soul searching meeting, all the political class in Ideato federal constituency otherwise known as Ideato Nation,irrespective of political parties affiliation will collectively X-ray the political history in the past Eight years with a view to ascertaining the activities of political office holders within the period under review and possibly request for an account of stewardship from all the past office holders to ascertain how their services have impacted on the people of Ideato Nation and make certain recommendations to guide future political office holders that would guarantee good governance,accountability and good stewardship, going forward. It should be recalled that history of Nigeria political evolution that led to the Nation’s Independence will never be complete without remembering the roles played by the likes of Dr K.O. Mbadiwe, The very First Executive Governor of Imo State from Ideato Nation, Owelle Dr Rochas Anayo Okorocha,  Prof. Elechukwu Njaka, Mazi Mbonu Ojike and Dr Collins Obi to mention but a few,therefore in recognition of the efforts of these men of honour, Ideato Nation’s Political Class must make conscious effort to ensure that ideals and vision of these Nationalists will not be in vain. Therefore the one day political retreat will witness innovations that will set up certain political governance structure and framework that shall assist all future office holders within Ideato Nation so as to ensure that the good people of Ideato Nation benefit from democracy dividends as well as lay foundation for accountability to the people by those holding political offices and representations in and outside Ideato Nation. Never again shall political office governance be business as usual in our Federal constituency. The political Sun has risen again in Ideato Nation and the people must benefit. This is being coordunated by
Deacon ideato C. ideato Okoli and other meaning Ideato Sins and Daughters

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