Alleged violence: Rochas Foundation College student, attacks 2 pupils, cuts off their hands

The people of Umuofo community in Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State were befuddled when an 18 year old girl, Joy Ikenna Ihedoro from the community ran amock attacking two small boys cutting off their hands with machete.
The girl, a student of Rochas Foundation College, Owerri, Imo State was said to have carried out the dastardly act on November 25, 2017 during that month’s clean up exercise which has now left the victims disabled.
The victims, Masters Miracle Simon, 10 and Ekene Simon 8 are pupils of Community Primary School, Okposi in Ebonyi State who had come to live with their father after the death of their mother early November 2017. They had barely stayed up to two weeks before the attack.
An eye witness account told Nigeria Newspoint Newspapers that the girl had on that fateful day attacked the two small boys with machete even as she was aided by
her sister Miracle ihedoro who also attacked with a heavy stick. Despite all pleas from the two hapless and helpless boys, Joy was said to have aimed at the head of the two boys, but ended up cutting off their hands as they instantly protected their heads from the machete blow with their hands.
Nigeria Newspoint further learnt that for the timely intervention of neigbours who rushed the two boys to the hospital, they would have bled to death as one of them had his left hand completely chopped off from the wrist.
At Chinwendu Hospital, Awo-Omamma in Oru East Local Government Area where they were rushed to by sympathetic neigbours as their father had gone out for the day’s business, doctors and nurses battled to save their (the two boys) lives even as blood transfusion was quickly
carried out, having lost much blood.
Trouble was said to have started for the two poor boys when on that fateful day they were asked by one of the Landlord’s relatives to help in cleaning up the compound especially the back of the assailant’s parent’s apartment as the victims and the assailant live in the same compound as tenants though the assailant hails from the community. The attacker  and her sister Miracle Ikenna Ihedoro had refused to participate in the cleanup exercise but the two boys beckoned on the two sisters to help them in the cleanup exercise as it was part of their back yard that was being cleaned up. The two girls were infuriated by the two small boys. Audacity in asking them to join in the cleanup exercise. They there and then attacked the two small boys with Joy dealing machete cuts on them while her sister hit them with heavy sticks.
Speaking to Nigeria Newspoint Newspaper, in an emotion laden voice the father of the victims, Mr. Rapuruchukwu Simon who sells rat poison and insecticide popularly known as ‘tusa tusa’ bemoaned his fate having lost his wife in November last year and in the same month had his two small sons disfigured by a callous and wicked girl who carried out the dastardly act in consort with her other sister.
He cried out that the perpetrators are today walking scot free while one of his sons though disfigured with cut off hand is still languishing in the hospital with the hospital bill yet to be paid. He called on the government and human rights groups to wade into the case to ensure that justice is done.
He lamented that though the matter was reported to the police at Oguta police Station when it happened but to his chagrin no appropriate action has been taken since then.

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