Governor Rochas in court at Last

There is a common saying that the Judiciary is the last hope of the common man. It is equally a known fact that the Judiciary is the third Estate of the Realm in the establishment. Matter-of-fact is that one of the cardinal tenets of the principles of Democracy is the essence of upholding the independence of the-Judiciary as a vital safeguard to enable the Judiciary as a vital arm of Government to discharge its duties of Justice dispensation in every fairness to both the individuals and institutions without fear or favour. Hence, the philosophy of “ubi jus ubi remedum” holds water in that the process of Justice dispensation should at all times be weighed impartially on a legal parlance. It .is therefore expected of everybody (i.e. individuals, corporate entitles, institutions, groups, unions, associations, and organizations etc) to be subjected to the detects of the law on equal basis. The aphorism remains that everybody is equal before the eyes of the law. But, in practice there is a proviso for the spate treatment of some top government political office holders of specified functions allowed to enjoy a certain level of immunity against the law. The reason for granting such special treatment to persons in positions like the President and State Governors is to afford the deserving latitude for them to discharge their duties without interruptions until the expiration of their tenure in the office.
The constitution allows such special privilege in the wisdom that course of the law should not interfere with or interrupt the process of their functions to allow smooth running of the system of governance. However, the law does not suppose that the person under immunity clause to be reckless with the abuse of the Power which tantamount to executive irresponsibility. It is an abuse of the powers bestowed on a political personality who resort to threating the law with contempt. This is clearly a negation to the rule of law and flaut of the principle of Democracy. There is this awkward development recently where the beneficiaries of the constitutional immunity clause indulge excessively in the abuse of powers by flagrantly disrespecting the court injunctions. Recently, the All Progressive Congress Party (APC) government at the Federal level and states are undisputedly culpable for disobeying the court order on several instances. Even, the President His Excellency Muhuamrnadu Buhari have been severally alleged to ignore court injunctions, without any whimper. In Imo State, the man at the helm of affairs His Excellency Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha has demonstrated a serious disregard for the injunctions of the court of law. Surprisingly, the same person become so disposed to resort to seek for a legal redress on electors issues.
He who goes to equity must do so with clean hands. This aligns with the admonition that we should do unto others as we wo.uld have them do unto us. It is really unthinkable and unfathomable to learn that His Excellency Governor Rochas Okorocha would desperately rely on court injunctions to restrain a stronger faction of the Imo State APC from continuing the on-g:’-: party congresses. Nobody in this state has forgotten in a hurry the disdainful indifference attitude of Governor Rochas Okorocha against many court orders.   Ranging from the sacked elected LGA counsellors and Chairmen, the Town Union Presidents, the unlawfully retired ministry Directors and Permanent Secretaries, the Judicial Service Commission, the repudiated Imo Ten Thousand (10,000) jobs, the Chief Athan Ogo’s property, the Captain Iheanacho’s case, the Imo Pensioners case and lately the Eke Ukwu Owerri Market Relocation Saga etc are all good examples.
Since the inception of the ARC government in Nigeria, everything went awry. The rule of law has been relegated to inferior status, as to apparently lose its sacrosanctity. There is the reign of impunity in several regards in that executive fiat assumed unequalled precedence. The masses have been down trodden like never before in a Democratic dispensation as if we are under a military dictatorship. The entire nation is groaning under a siege of militarized Democracy which is a typical aberration. It is very unfortunately that the unbridled desperation of installing his son-in-law as a defacto successor has compelled the supposed people oriented Governor Rochas Okorocha to engage in purely anti-people agenda. Consequently, the schism in the Imo State APC has actually agitated the politics of the state to the intensity of pushing the high and mighty Governor to resorts to knocking at the doors of the judiciary for refuge. And should the judicial in the avowed disposition to be fair to all and sundry open its arms wide enough to grant the request of Rochas by an impending court injunction restraining the progress of the APC congresses, to what avail? Will it suffice to give a lesson to His Excellency the Governor Rochas Okorocha that court injunctions should now make sense? Simply put is Rochas really expecting the court injunction to be so powerful as to stop the on-going APC congresses and tilt the pendulum to his favour to afford the desired latitude to realize a desperate agenda of installing his beloved son-in-law? So, how do we reconcile the severally past court orders ignored by His Excellency Mr. Okorocha? It is really worrisome that the Governor of Imo State as the leader of the ruling APC in the state should swap his position as the man in-charge of the party affair to go beggarly as to resort to court. We expect the court to give a lee way to the oppressed as the last hope of the common. It now downs on the people of Imo State that the aphorism in the fore-going is either not true to it or that there are always the chances that the big man to relegate to the common man status and run to the law for refuge or help. The irony of it all is that while all these things are happening the advisers of His Excellency and his so called media aides do not deem it expedient to draw the attention of His Excellency to obvious facts. Firstly, for the Governor to resort to legal redress for succor would render his person so controversial and make nonsense of all the braggadocios being display over the resolute intension to impose his son-in-law Ugwumba Uche Nwosu on the APC as a consensus candidate nilly willy. Secondly, the use of court injunction as a last resort implies that either the Governor has lost grip of the APC soul or his desperation to sustain the grip weighs down on him so much as to push him to stoop low as to conquer by shamelessly swallowing his putum. Whichever perspective it is viewed from, the implication is clear that the other faction of the Imo APC (i.e. the allied forces in the Imo APC) may have upper hand, at least for now, until further notice. So, the Governor His Excellency Owelle Rochas Okorocha (OON) and his fanatic disciples cum the crusaders of this most recent greek gift-of weird wild agenda of the Ugwumba Movement are not really at ease with the APC congresses.
They are now beckoning on the law courts to unleashed their presumed impotent sledge harmmer. This is truly incredible. But, nothing is impossible whenever God takes over. This seem to glean so much from the truth in the Biblical proverb that the stone that the Builders rejected eventually turn to be head corner stone. The Imo State most powerful and gutful Governor has indeed recognized the importance of law court injunction as the last hope of the aggrieved this time around (i.e. in the spirit of Ubi jus Ubi remedum) not only the common man as we believe. The Governor of Imo State can by no means be a common man. At least the power of incumbence is will count so much.
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