Gradual Exit Of Patriotic Igbo Nigerians Leaves  Irreplaceable Vacuum And Hope For  New Nigeria

By Vitalis Unachukwu

What do you think folks?

Bells rolling across the nation, especially in Igboland of all places .

In our very eyes , we are bewildered with rude shock , despair, sadness and wonderment, as prominent and patriotic Igbo politicians and great Nigerians, take their sudden exit from our physical presence and existence .

Only God can decode and decipher the mystery of what’s happening , which can only appreciate with the benefit of divine hindsight and inkling of things divine .

This somber development on their unexpected departure to the great beyond, should forewarn and teach us serious lessons and impeccable truths about our world in the Nigerian perspective, that nothing is permanent and that the world we know today, is fast fleeting and passing away .

We are left only by saying, “ may their souls rest in peace ,” without saying and doing more .

All these hard fights , diehaerdism, blunt resistance and refusal to make concessions, bad politics, election rigging, electoral bribery, political irresponsibility and atrocities, abuses of power and office, insatiable and endemic corruption, etc , where do they all lead us after this life and boil down to, with the Emilokan Insistence on breaking the laws of the land and rubbishing the electoral process and democratic institutions ?

God watches us make all these blunders and noises as empty barrels, for ephemeral fame and popularity to the detriment of souls , and wait for us one day , to give account when demanded at Judgement .

None of our politicians and political representatives in government, ever think of Eternity, when blinded by evil political instincts of today, to loot what belongs to all of us and deny millions of other Nigerians of their stakes and shares in the system , watching them starve to death .

Most of the good men in politics, like Dr Ogbonnaya Onu , are gone , while others are going , like how the bell tolled for him , while the recalcitrant, mischievous, hateful , arrogant, selfish and corrupt ones are still gallivanting around disturbing peace loving Nigerians .

Nigeria is too large enough to accommodate all Nigerians, yet some privileged powerful few took it upon themselves to lord it over others , as if our lives , rights , freedoms and privileges are dependent on their discretion to decide our  fate to live freely as citizens and survive on their own terms .

What’s happening in contemporary times in Nigeria and our world, should not be an extraordinary surprise, because God Almighty remains the Sole Owner of Nigeria and the World, on Whom everything in the Universe revolves .

He’s the Grand Commander of the entire Universe, in Whom we live , move and have our being .

None of us asked to be created, apart from God’s inimitable goodness, ineffable and boundless love .

Why don’t we use the brevity of our days in this life , to make immediate amends and intelligent use of God’s invaluable gifts to us, live and let others live and live better , according to His Divine Will and Golden Rule .

Few of those reputable Igbo sons who distinguished themselves in many fields of human endeavor, serving our country in all loyalty without selfishness, with undiluted altruism, will never be ignored and forgotten, after uniting forces with us battling for a New Nigeria that seems a mirage at the moment .

It’s sad and painful, that few patriotic ones among us, who fought against all odds and opposition of those democratic forces undermining our nation’s evolution to an ideal political society, that leads to an effective democratic leadership change , which members of the old political brigade, are shamelessly opposed to, without using their old age to make serious atonement before their nunc dimitis and judgment before God .

People like Peter Obi and Dr Ogbonnaya Onu , were projected and rooted to lead Nigeria as successor to Buhari, from two political parties, but the reactionary forces in our body politic , who without justified merit laid claim to the nation’s leadership, stalled the people’s democratic aspirations and efforts towards a New Nigeria, with a  new set of generational leadership .

We see why the road to the national rebirth of a New Nigeria is arduous and complicated ?

We should try and underscore the spiritual implications and connotations of what’s happening at the moment, with a few good people, who should have been around to continue the relentless battle for the soul of our nation and a New Nigeria, going without saying goodbye .

Those currently on the political saddle, should go into themselves, look at themselves in the eyes and at the mirror, search their souls diligently , make immediate atonement and restitutions, before their bells toll and wait to render account of their stewardship , upon demand by God , before it’s too late .

While we grieve for the faithful departed , we should take solace that they had done their part for our bedeviled country, and urge those who call the shots today to strive now to release all those adjudged political prisoners , like Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, from unjustified incarceration and detention , detained against their will and conscience.

Those responsible for this crime against humanity, should not expect a fair and kind treatment from God , when it’s their time to face God .

If a New Nigeria remains elusive and unattainable in due course, Nigerians should without exceptions, through a nation-wide referendum, decide the fate and continued existence of Nigeria, by discarding its indissoluble and indivisible nature in the Constitution as a laughable hoax , since Nigeria is not working for the majority of millions of her citizens.

Since the good among us are not good enough and are not allowed by the arch enemies and forces against our democratic system and institutions, there’s no basis for Nigeria to continue to exist , hurt and distort the collective desires of Nigerians to live and belong to an ideal egalitarian society , that works well for all Nigerians .

Again , political representatives are not the only ones going , Nigeria’s Nollywood, has experienced and continues to experience, progressive losses of its members who are known actors in the Movie Industry.

It has been too much and requires Nigerians to be more thoughtful, prayerful, productive, forthright and thankful, than ever , because times are becoming harder these perilous moments we no longer what we hitherto regarded as a country .

We should underscore and interpret what’s happening around us within the prism of spiritual devotion.

There’s no doubt also that our nation , Nigeria, is gradually dying and petering out of existence, with no positive signs for a hopeful future, as events stand today .

Do you think there’s going to be a legitimate turnaround without a Nigerian Presidency of Igbo extraction, which sworn enemies to our democracy, oppose with passion and venomous vengeance ?

How long do you think they would continue to hang on this retrogressive, primordial belief and betrayal of our nation in marching forward ?

Will they be here forever to watch , monitor and execute their plot of backwardness ?

Will Nigeria stop moving because of them  , even when they refused their children and grandchildren inherit their estates by bequest or inheritance  ?

The ever changing tide in Nigeria, calls for sober meditation and reflection .

Human iroko trees are fallen without signs .

We must learn to cooperate with Nature and God Almighty in all circumstances, or be damned for not using the shortness of our days , to be more intelligent, humble, repentant and Godly loving in our vicious world and unfortunate nation, where we must fight together to retrieve and save its soul from political limbo .

Nigerians know who their heroes and heroines are, and should honor them for being ardent defenders of our democracy , who should not be allowed to die in vain, without being honored for their sacrifices and relentless pursuit for the democratic values, ideals , values , principles and norms of our nation’s democracy, ready to die with honor than to live in disgrace .

May the noble souls of Dr Ogbonnaya Onu and our departed faithful heroes and heroines past , find eternal bliss among the Cult of the Saints in God’s Kingdom .



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