Ogunewe Vs Okponwa-Eze

By Ephraim Nwadialo

Agitated by the media interest in the face-off between the candidate of the Action Alliance, AA, in the 2023 Governorship election in Imo State,  Major General Lincoln Jack Ogunewe (rtd), and the State Chairman of the party, Comrade Ifeanyi Okponwa-Eze, I decided to do some checks.

On the unwavering commitment of most of the State based journalists in the matter, I found out that Okponwa-Eze is from the Press Constituency. I never knew that the lanky grandfather is a retiring or will I say Veteran journalist, if you like. I therefore, came to terms with the fact that the print media in the State has been in a subtle solidarity to identify with its embattled colleague, while carrying out their professional duties.

Though, not willing to be exhaustive here on my findings owing to the pendency of the matter in court, I am constrained to state however, that the duo(Okponwa-Eze and Ogunewe) were very close friends and on the same page with respect to the 2023  Governorship project while it lasted.

I was made to understand that even when desperate politicians infiltrated the party and made efforts to tear them apart, the retired Army General did not capitulate to their antics. The General, my checks revealed, showed love to the party Chairman to the best of his ability. In like manner, Okponwa Eze, irrespective of the pressure from certain authorities and series of pecuniary baits thrown at him, to either dump or sabotage his candidate, remained faithful and resolute to the end.

All other things that played out, which snowballed to the the ongoing for legal tussle, to me, are not important here. What is of immense essence of this piece is to bring back the feelings of love, which hitherto, existed between these children of the Most High God.

Come to think of it, Okponwa-Eze, in all ramifications, cannot contend with the retired General. He might have forgotten that General Ogunewe is new in Nigeria’s party politics and may find it difficult to swallow line, hook and sinker those political blabs the conventional politicians consider as nothing. What gave me joy most in the course of my investigation, was the fact that Okponwa-Eze, whom I learnt is an Evangelist, from the outset of the misunderstanding, not considering who is right or wrong, has been interested in winning back the good relationship he was enjoying with his brother and friend. I was reliably informed by one of Ogunewe’s loyalists in the party that Okponwa-Eze has earlier tendered unreserved apology to him.

Now, to our Governor to be, having been a Soldier, I do not think that it is worthwhile to waste bullets on a fly. In other words, nobody kills a fly with a gun. Methinks that tampering justice with mercy should be the way to go. The General will one day become the Governor of this State if God permits, and he will then assume the position of the father of Imolites. When that happens, there must be some of us who would offend him(perhaps as Okponwa, presently) in one way or another; as a father, won’t he forgive us? Definitely, he will going by his dispositions, which depict love and humility.

Okponwa-Eze is not growing younger. So, at his age and a dedicated Christian as I was told, his preoccupation, from my findings, has been that of encouraging people to do things right, and fighting the course of the so called nobodies. To a very large extent, Okponwa-Eze is more of a developmental politician than the conventional type. Those close to him told me that Okponwa-Eze loathes betrayal and lying in politics.

I want to passionately plead to General Ogunewe to allow the sleeping dog lie. Attack on Okponwa-Eze is attack on his entire family, his children, grandchildren, his dependants, professional colleagues, political associates and other well-wishers.

Most importantly, when a name like that of an elder statesman, I mean Ahaejiagamba, Chief Dr. Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu,  has been mentioned, I think, it’s proper the issue be allowed to die naturally. Iwuanyanwu is currently the father of all Igbos, at the moment whether some of us accept it or not, and should be accorded that honour and respect.  At least for once, let the whole world know that the Igbo race has a leader.Those said,my humble and passionate plea is that Major General Lincoln Jack Ogunewe can take back Evangelist Okponwa-Eze.Accept his earlier plea and forgive.God bless the gentleman General!


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