Mothers Day: Revisiting, Appreciating Role Of Mothers

As we mark the 2024 Mothering Sunday being March 10, In the Anglican Communion the world over, it will be very worthy to recognize the roles of mothers or women in our different families in particular and the society in general. It pleased God our creator to make man in his own image, thereby making them male and female. While the male is the head, father and husband in the nuclear family, the female is the helper, wife and mother. With this union God made the larger society to emerge. Whereas the man is the pillar of the family, the woman is the is the manager of the home on whose shoulders lie the general well-being of the family. Today’s mother and woman in the family is engaged in one means of livelihood or the other even as a boss/employer or a subordinate or employee. She uses her income to run the home and meet her domestic obligations, ranging from providing money to purchasing various items needed in the family, especially, food, clothing, maintenance of hiegenic standard carrying pregnancies, nursing her young ones to maturity serving her husband, the father of her children in various ramifications and extending this care to members of the extended family according to the African tradition in some cases. She knows when anyone in the family takes ill and what to do in such a situation. Being the virtuous woman she knows when her husband’s financial standing is low and she gives him the necessary support, even financially, morally, spiritually and socially. If any woman/wife does not meet the above expectations, it leaves much to be desired. But when she does, she needs to be encouraged by way of appreciation by the husband, children, wards and members of the extended family as well, for without women in the families/society, the world will be malfunctional. With above observation it is worthwhile to always appreciate these God’s lovely creatures called women. Even though we are in very serious economic mess in our nation as prices of goods and services are soaring high every day, a little present, complimentary remarks whether written or expressed verbally could do the magic. So fathers husband’s, children and members of the extended family, rise to the occasion and God will bless you.

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