Gaza Tunnel System 80 Percent Intact

Israel has failed to destroy Hama’s tunnel system with 80 percent of the tunnel system intact, officials from Israel, and the United States confirm.
Israel main objective in invading Gaza was to destroy the tunnel network estimated to be around 300 miles long.
Officials from the US and Israel confirmed to the Wall Street Journal in an interview that only about 20 to 40 percent of the tunnel system have been damaged or rendered inoperable. Most of these are in the northern part of Gaza.
Since the war began, Israeli military has deployed a number of tactics to penetrate the network including sending dogs with cameras to search the tunnels ahead of IDF soldiers entering, using sea water from the Mediterranean to flood them as well as pounding them with airsttrikes.
Efforts to pump seawater to corrode the network have not been as successful as initially thought because of the quality of the materials used for the construction work, according to the US officials quoted by the Wall Street Journal.
It has also been difficult to assess the extent of damage to the underground labyrinth, the report said because it is very difficult to know how far the tunnels stretch.
Israel military has maintained that dismantling the underground labyrinth would deny the Hamas leadership and fighters a place of refuge, and it would make it easier to take out their command and control centers.
Hostages are also held in the tunnels, creating a complex operational problem for the Israeli military
Israel’s military operations in Gaza’s second city, Khan Younis, have ramped up over the past week. The Israeli military says that it believes that Yahya Sinwar, Hamas top leader who organized the Oct 7 attack against Israel is hiding in the tunnel network underneath and that the tunnel is a home to significant Hamas command and control centers. Heavy fighting is continuing in the vicinity of Khan Younis Hospital for the seventh day. The Israeli Defense Force IDF said that it is carrying out precise operations against Hamas in the southern city, and its intelligence suggests that members of Hamas are operating inside and around the Nasser and Al-Amal hospitals.
Alex Nwahiri

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