Nigeiria Should Peacefully Leave Igbos To Go Now -Elijah

I am prophet Elijah | Moses from Imo State Nigeria and | have risen liberate lgbos from Nigeria. No government whether within or without will stop me from setting lgbos free. God has chosen me to do it and who will come and stop God from using me. I am only a servant and God is my master. I will do and say what comes from him.
My responsibility is to carry out his instructions. If I say and do what God wants me to say and do and somebody decides to rise up against me then it’s God’s own war not mine. Anybody who will defeat God should be prepared to do that. I am not alone in my liberating lgbos. If Moses succeeded in that I will succeed. I will use Moses method to carry out my own liberation. Moses method is the best liberation method in the world. We don’t talk much. We go into action. We engage the opponent nation in spiritual battle. If they like let them heap human ammunition, human ammunition is nothing to face us. Our own weapon defeat every enemy and destroy human ammunition.
Moses did not send to Pharaoh any human ammunition
but he used heavenly ammunition to defeat Pharaoh and his kingdom. Likewise I will use heavenly ammunition to defeat Nigeria. Nigeria
thinks that if they hold Nnamdi Kanu that no other person will rise up for lgbos. Now a more powerful man has risen up to set lgbos free. If
they can fight me let them get ready. God is the one doing it through me. I did not raise myself. I was called by God to liberate lgbos. Nigeria set Nnamdi Kanu free and let him go. He has finished his
work. he cannot do more than he has done before. I am the one they would look at as the one who will actually set lgbos free. No other liberator is capable of setting lgbos free but me. Others set the ball
rolling, I am coming to kick the ball to the goal post. Why am I to succeed? Because l am a man of God as Moses was.
Ordinary man cannot liberate lgbos but a spiritual man. I am not less than Moses of the Bible. I am even more than Moses of the Bible. My mandate is not only for Biafra but for other nations who would
want to be free. Biafra will not be the only nation that will liberate. It is my ministry and anointing. My anointing is setting nations free. 2024 is the year that lgbos will leave Nigeria and form their own
nation. That’s the time set by God not me. God is the Father of liberation so I follow Him. He teaches me what I do and say. The slavery of lgbos in Nigeria will end this year. Since Nigeria do not want the
lgbos, lgbos will not continue living in Nigeria. This is what | have received from God Almighty to pass to lgbos and Nigerians. The Lord is faithful who will do it AMEN,

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