November 11 Poll: Ogunewe-AA Guber Candidate Rejects INEC Results in Imo Election

“My Stand On Outcome Of Imo Governorship Election”

By Lincoln Jack Ogunewe

I, Major General Lincoln Keonyemere Jack Ogunewe (rtd), MFR, the Action Alliance,AA  candidate for the Imo governorship election, in conjunction with my campaign organisation, Reset Imo Organization and after a due diligence analysis,  wish  to use this opportunity to address the public and make our stand known on the outcome of the just concluded Imo state Governorship election.
The  Reset Imo Organization started as a political group with like-minds  who eventually settled in Action Alliance (AA) Party to contest for Nov 11th 2023 Guber Election in Imo State.
We exhibited a high level of discipline, commitment, and shunned money politics, which is a sore wound in our political developments.
We displayed a strong  belief  in the principle of good governance devoid of money politics.This principle remained very much sacrosanct in our campaigns and other political engagements during the electioneering period, but unfortunately our belief was not in tandem with the realities on ground in our dear Imo State. We never relented or deterred, but rather, we moved on with our strongly held view and campaigned vigorously at various LGAs and locations acknowledging all the sacrifices made by everyone.
My governorship ambition was predicated on my resolve and esteemed belief in providing solutions to the unbridled challenges facing our dear state . As a trained technocrat with unmatched track record of national and international service anchored on credibility, patriotism, and integrity, I  was committed in providing effective and credible leadership that will salvage our state from the unbridled state of ruination and devastation.
I held a strong thought that  there will be a paradigm shift in the election process which will be guided by the principle of transparency and openness to arrive at a pre-determined destination where  electorate will focus on paramount deliverables, credibility, records and trajectory of a candidate for the exalted office of governor rather than placing premium on money and other inducements.
Today in Imo state, people are still under the clutches of  economic slavery that has created unbridled poverty and hardship in Imo State.
Our people are yet to free themselves from money politics and are prepared as they have exhibited in this Imo governoship election to sacrifice good  governance for pittances of N2000-N5000.
I hope that these pittances will lead to an end in the Incessant and sustained killings, murder, kidnappings, and violence in Imo State.
The Imo governorship election witnessed massive vote buying and impunity never experienced in the history of elections in the State.
The electoral body and security agencies seemed compromised and exhibited open bias, therefore,  failing again in their legitimate responsibilities in providing a credible, free and fair election for the people.
In view of this, I wish to state here without any reservations that I hereby reject in totality the outcome of the governorship election.
Despite the outcome of the election, I shall not relent on my commitment in contributing to the transformation of Imo State.
I humbly thank and appreciate  all  that came out on  election day and stood firmly to exercise their franchise  without  being influenced by any form of inducements.
What happened on 11th Nov, 2023, will not deter us, the Imo Reset Team, from vigorously pursuing and agitating for the enthronement of democratic governance and good leadership in our society.
Finally, to my teeming supporters, my Reset Imo Team and Ndi Imo in general, I thank you all for the support and belief in my political ideal, which is anchored on  credible  election and good governance.
Thank you once again.
God bless Ndi Imo.
Major General Lincoln Keonyemere Jack Ogunewe (Rtd) 


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