NAB congratulate Uzodinma Over Re-election

An avalanche of congratulatory messages have started pouring into Government House, Owerri, since Governor Hope Uzodinma was announced winner of the off-cycle gubernatorial election in Imo State.

In a message signed by the State Chairman, Nigeria Association of the Blind, NAB, Imo State Chapter, Comrade Ejike Ekemonye, the special citizens tagged the Governor’s victory as “an indication and eloquent testimony that Imo people demand the continuation of shared prosperity government, which has brought giant and monumental developmental stripes in Imo State.”

While praying God to continue to protect and give him wisdom to govern the state, the special citizens remained hopeful that “this time, the Special Education Centre for the Blind, which has been lacking in Imo State for a long time, among the South Eastern States, will be established”.

He said: “We are willing to partner with you and also celebrate with you whenever you call for a victory party in the light of this election victory.”

Similarly, the State Chairman of All Progressives Congress, APC, Dr. McDonald Ebere, recalled that Uzodinma’s “first term achievements, significantly shaped Imo State’s trajectory”, adding that his second term would usher in even greater progress.

His words: “In the tapestry of governance, your re-election resonates as a harmonious victory. Your first-term orchestrations have composed a melody of progress in Imo State.

“As we anticipate the second movement of your tenure, the crescendo of our expectations is met with unwavering confidence in your ability to conduct an even more profound symphony of accomplishments.

“Your commitment to the growth and prosperity of Imo State, is a sonnet of dedication. All patriotic indigenes will not hesitate to willingly pledge allegiance, not as a mere note in the composition, but as a chord resonating with loyalty, profound respect, and humble support for the masterpiece of your vision.

“May your leadership continue to compose the ballad of our beloved state’s prosperity. May your tenure continue to elevate our beloved state.”

For Nze James Chinonyerem, the citizens were guided and inspired by Uzodinma’s genuine intentions and demonstration of willingness, readiness and ability to do good to all people and places in the state.

He said: “I am sustained by the verifiable track records on ground, which signposted a Governor who came fully prepared to work for the good of all.

“Governor Hope Uzodinma defied all odds, out danced his doubters and proved the legion of cynics wrong. He proved that being focused on the ball pays best.

“He refused to be profiled by his detractors or allowed the skeptics to draw his boundaries. He refused to allow those opposed to him to set the tunes of his songs, nor did he allow it to infect negatively on his relationship with them.

“In spite of everything said about or against him, he continues to see the whole state as his constituency and the people as his family. Certainly, Governor Hope Uzodinma has earned his accolades from  Imo people, home and abroad.

“With his re-election, the state and people are in a stronger footing to stand together for a better and greater state for the overall interests of the people.

“As he looks forward with extreme renewed vigour, he will need the supports of all Imolites across the political divides to come together as one family with a singular sense of purpose to consolidate the gains of the first outing.”


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