My Governor Prince Hope Uzodinma “Promise Made Promise Kept”

Report Card 1

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By Stella Anumaku Njemanze Neboh

  • The Governor Hope Uzodinma administration, in an effort to recover the illicitly acquired funds and properties of the former Governor Rochas Okorocha administration, absorbed Easter Palm University into the State, which is now publicly owned and managed by Imo State Government.
  • In an effort to restore peace to diverse communities in Imo State, the Governor Hope Uzodinma administration recovered lands illegally acquired by the former Governor Rochas Okorocha administration, and then returned the lands back to the legitimate land owners.
  • The Governor Hope Uzodinma administration revitalized the Imo State Government Otamiri Water Scheme in Owerri Municipal which was left moribund since 1996, due to the lack of commitment from previous administrations.  Today, with the commitment of the Hope Uzodinma administration, the densely populated Owerri metropolis is now being supplied with potable water.
  • The multifarious road revolution projects by the Hope Uzodinma led administration are evidenced all over Imo State as a testament to his commitment in the revitalization effort of the state.  Areas improved include – Owerri Town, Okigwe, Egbu, Naze, Umuguma, Oguta and much more areas not mentioned.
  • The Governor Hope Uzodinma led administration has initiated hospital projects by bringing improved healthcare to rural dwelling communities in Imo State i.e., – the 20-bed hospital in Omuma Community, and the 42-bed hospital in Oguta.  Also, 10 mobile clinics are fully operational to service rural communities, and are equipped to provide standard medical care by board approved medical doctors and nurses.
  • Before the Uzodinma administration the roads were bad.  His administration repaired majority of the roads.  Hospitals were not in existence.  His administration repaired some and built new ones.  The payments of civil servants were staggered – he has been consistent with salary payments.  Pensioners were abandoned – he has been consistent with payment of pension allowances.  Gratuities were never paid from 2007 till 2020 – he is almost 80% complete with the arrangement to pay Imo people their gratuities.
  • The cost of medical treatment was not affordable by Imo sons and daughters especially the indigent, the vulnerable and the voiceless ones.  He instituted a social health insurance scheme that provides for government to pay premium to insurance companies and for insurance companies to pay all recognized hospitals treating those enrolled.  He saw poverty in Imo State and he worked hard to eradicate it, particularly for those below poverty line.


Stella Anumaku Njemanze Neboh

The People’s Princess


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