Presidency: Tinubu’s  Tenure May End Half Way, If He Mistreats Igbo

…Imo 2019 Guber: Supreme Court case can’t return Ihedioha

…2023: Uzodinma’s efforts to return will fail, disliked by very many

As Imolites are waiting anxiously with bated breath on the outcome of the Supreme Court decision on the pending 2019 Imo governorship election, revelations have emerged that erstwhile Governor, Emeka Ihedioha has been shut out of the position for good.

It was also revealed that the sitting Governor,Hope Uzodinma should throw away his hope of returning to the Douglas House in the November 11 election.

Making these facts known is the Founder and General Overseer of the Living Seed Ministry, Lagos, Prophet Chisom Ekwonna. He delivered the information to our correspondent on telephone, Monday, while reacting to emerging issues on the state of the nation. He spoke as follows:

“Those waiting for Ihedioha’s return to Imo government house are waiting in vain. It is an impossible thing for him to return. He is gone and gone and would not return again as governor.

“On Uzodinma, heaven and earth have rejected him. Even his own native fatherland is against him. There is no way that Uzodinma will remain Imo governor. Uzodinma is rejected by God completely.

“Uzodinma committed sin against Holy Spirit in Imo and cannot be governor of Imo State again. All his sacrifices to the church is not acceptable to God, all his bribes would fail him. I see something like a bird from above carrying Uzodinma to an unknown destination. I pray for Uzodinma because his end would be very disastrous”,he  warned.

Explaining the sin Uzodinma committed against the Holy Spirit, Ekwonna stated that he made a secret vow before coming to power that he did not keep and that is a sin against the Holy Spirit. “He broke his vow against the Holy Spirit’’. He quoted the scripture where it is indicated that the sin against God can be forgiven but not that against the Holy Spirit.

Continuing on the message, the General Overseer cautioned President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be very careful so that his administration will not end half way. Hear him;

“Seventy five percent of the reason God allowed him to come to power is for the interest of the Igbo and not even for the Yoruba, his tribe. His government is supposed to favour the Igbo but if he failed to do what God asked him to do, it will end his tenure half way.”

It will be recalled that the prophet during the era of Musa Yar’Adua also prophesied that he was going to end his tenure half way. He also warned Okorocha that he will make a mistake that will ruin his career in politics ( Published in Nigeria Horn newspaper).

“In the said Nigeria  Horn newspaper of Sept 23, 2019 I warned  Emeka Ihedioha that he will lose at the Supreme Court but he did not listen to my advice. I told Uzodinma that 75 percent of the people will hate him,and  that his house would be burnt but he would not listen. I talked about the killing of Imo traditional rulers but nobody listened”, he concluded.


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