Igbo Town Unions Reacts to Supreme Court Rulling on Presidential Election Petition


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Igbo Town Unions Reacts to Supreme Court Rulling on Presidential Election Petition

 Thursday  26th October 2023, has* gone into the anals of Nigeria history as a day the Supreme Court finally settled the most contentious presidential election in the history of our nation.

Although the ruling has been delivered by the highest court in the land  thereby  bringing the legal tussle  to an end, but we must bear in mind  that the outcome of this  rulling will have grievous impact in the confidence reposed in our nation’s  electoral and judicial systems for a long time.

One thing these ruling has done is to vindicate  Igbo Town Unions (ASETU),  other groups and individuals  who  have consistently cried out against the obnoxious act of  marginalization of Ndigbo in Nigeria. The heinous act has clearly  reach  a  dangerous level of alienation.

My Lord Hon. Justice Musa Dattijo Mohammed of the Supreme Court, fearless and outspoken jurist, used the occasion of his retirement valedictory session to  iterate the vexed  issue of marginalizing the people of South East geo-political zone, even in the  composition of  Supreme Court Judges.

The Hon Justice, made it clear that the composition of Supreme Court Judges for the Presidential Panel that heard the presidential election petition  appeal was skewed against the South East Zone

He said, ” to ensure justice and transparency in presidential appeals from the lower court, all geo-political zones are required to participate in the hearing”.

He noted that, ” with the passing of my Lord Hon. Justice Chima Centus Nweze, JSC on 29th July 2023, the South East no longer has any presence at the Supreme Court. My Lord Hon. Justice Sylvester Nwali Ngwuta JSC. died on 7th March 2022, there has not been any appointments in his stead for the South East”.

” It is evident that the decision not to fill the vacancy in the court is deliberate…”. The jurist pointed out that  it is dangerous for democracy and equity for any region to be left out in a decision that will affect Nigeria.

Let it be made clear that  my Lord Hon. Justice Mohammed Dattijo,  has again raised  the lingering issue of marginalizing of Ndigbo of the South East zone to public dis course.

The deliberate  imbalance  in the  composition of the arbiters of the of the presidential election petition, which could be interpreted to mean  undermining  the interest of a particular geo-political zone calls for serious question and reflection.

We,  the members of ASETU, as we have always done,  will continue to pursue  justice, fairness, balance and full  integration of the Igbo nation in the  scheme of things in Nigeria- our nation of collective ownership.

Thank you.

Chief Sir Emeka Diwe 

 National President, Association of Igbo Town Unions (ASETU).


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