Senator Achonu Campaign Org: Uzodinma’s European Jobs Offer: Taking Deceit To New Heights

…Imo Youths, Enough Is Enough

By Chibuikem Diala

The Senator Nneji Achonu Campaign Organisation has watched with bemusement the recent video of the outgoing governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma.

The governor took the alleged fraudulent credential of his rudderless government a notch higher by promising Imo youths non-existent jobs in Europe.

“Let me tell you something, I have gone further to negotiate with European Union companies and Canadian companies. They are sending us special areas of discipline (skills), which our Youths will also learn. And by December this year, 4,000 of our Youths will be employed in Europe and once the employment letter comes, the governor will pay for your air ticket,” he said in the viral video.

That such drivel could proceed from the mouth of the chief executive of Imo State is shocking and disgraceful; nothing could be further than the truth.

However, it did not deviate from the character of this government who brandishes falsehood as a badge of honour.

For close to four years, the Uzodinma government has impoverished the people and failed to lift a finger to tackle the sprawling unemployment level in the state.

He has failed in all indices of governance, leaving the state crushed and prostrate on the hard surface of avoidable penury.

The Uzodinma government has been exceptional in its anti-youth policies, as a result of which many youths have fled the state for fear of being added to the statistics of those killed daily or locked up in detention camps over trumped up charges orchestrated by state actors.

Sadly, instead of creating job opportunities, the governor wants to deceive Imo youths with a headless promise of jobs in foreign lands.

Even if this is true, it is interesting to note that those jobs could not have fallen from the sky but were created by people like Uzodinma, who has only wasted the people’s precious time in office.

It is even more abhorrent that Governor Uzodinma roped the European Union into his cocktail of lies. It is very embarrassing that Uzodinma does not even know that the EU does not own companies and could not have possibly entered into such an agreement with him.

Obviously, Uzodinma has shown that it is the elevation of illiteracy to governance that is responsible for the rudderless state of affairs in Imo State.

Uzodinma’s statement is a self-indictment and a testimony of his woeful performance in office instead of creating an enabling environment for business to thrive and wealth creation.

It is surprising that he is still running for second term when he has actually admitted by his own statement that he has nothing new to offer in terms of making life better for the people.

If Uzodinma had been alive to his responsibilities in office, he would not have been the one to sell the ephemeral promise of a rosy life in Europe to the youths when in actual fact he should know that this is a false and hopeless hope.

We weep for the cheering, ignorant youths who he had brainwashed with his tragic-comic acrobatics maneuvering.

It is time Ndi Imo said enough is enough to Uzodinma’s desperation to cling to power through deceit and subterfuge.

It is disgraceful to even contemplate that a man who cannot create jobs for people in his state, is getting jobs for them in Europe. May APC never happen to Imo State again!

Therefore, we urge the people to remain resolute in their resolve to vote out evil from Imo State on November 11 and vote in Senator Athan Nneji Achonu (Aku Ruo Ulo) the man, who already has a proven template for the transformation of the Imo State instead of nebulous and warped ideas to sell our youths into the slave market of Europe by obfuscated individuals.


Chibuikem Diala 

Director, Media & Publicity

Senator Athan Achonu Campaign Organisation


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