Imo ADP Suspends State Party Chairman

The Imo State Action Democratic Party,DP Chairman,  Dr. Uzo Nmezi has  been suspended indefinitely by the State Party Executive Council.

The resolution which was collectively taken by the party leaders, who converged en mass at the Party State Secretariat,in Owerri  stated reasons, that led to the suspension of the embattled chairman.

According to the release, jointly signed and copied to Press men  allegedly indicted Dr. Nmezi of high handedness, failure to conveying SWC meetings, embezzlement of the party funds, impersonation, fraudulent  acts and others.

In his statement, the convener, the ADP Party State Secretary, Mr. Okonkwo Stephen, expressed disappointment, describing Dr. Nmezi’s attitude as  grossly irresponsible.

Mr. Okonkwo  said he had on countless times  appealed to the  suspended state party chairman to convey SWC meeting in the past three months, so as to strategize for the forth coming  November 11,governorship  election, but all  to no avail.

He further noted, “why I conveyed the meeting, is in the interest of the party, we have not been meeting for a long time, and I also want to know if the party is existing or not. I have tried and made him to see reason we should hold meetings, he often times gives flimsy excuses. The interest of ADP is my motor, and to win the governorship election. The state chairman new about this meeting, just to discuss the way forward, and he declined to attend. What he did instead was to lock us out, and we could not have access to the party office. You can see for yourself that the meeting is being  held outside the office premises,” he said.

In his acceptance speech, the State Deputy Chairman, who was recently announced as the Acting State Party Chairman, Hon. Uche Ewuruigwe, promised the leaders of positive change, in the verge of the party winning governorship election, come Nov 11. T, He condemned the way and manner in which the suspended chairman controlled the party as a private business. Hon. Ewuruigwe calmed the situation for progress.

Earlier, the ADP Party State Youth leader, Hon. Isaac Mbika, proactively, moved a motion for the suspension of Dr. Nmezi, the former state chairman, who  he claimed is his friend. The motion was seconded by  Engr. Ejiogu Felix, the State Auditor, and former State Assembly candidate, Owerri Municipal. The active youth leader, who contested last Imo State Assembly election, under Orlu State constituency took the Bull by  horn to move a motion that led to the suspension of  his friend, Dr. Nmezi from office as the ADP Imo State Chairman.

Virtually, all the leaders present in the meeting aired their views against Dr. Nmezi who they claimed had not been carrying them along in the party, and does not have the ability and capacity to lead the party to victory.


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