Insensitivity Of  Political Class And Self Imposed Leaders In Nigeria

(Fact Check Of Actions Of Tinubu’s Government So Far)

At swearing in ceremony of the present government of Alhaji, Senator, Chief, Comrade, Jagaban Bola Ahmed Tinubu, our president didn’t miss words in announcing to Nigerians that his government wouldn’t waste additional hour in scrapping the fuel subsidy regime that has pouched so much hole in the revenue bag of this nation.

Nigerians received the news with mixed feelings. While some praised Mr New president for hitting the ground running from the first minute of his taking over as the president, others were taken aback that the president never gave the citizenry a convincing modalities on how to implement the new policy without pushing them further into poverty.

Few days down the line, the government announced some form of measures they promised would mitigate the effect of the hardship that would emanate from the subsidy removal on fellow Nigerians.

Amongst some of the measures are:

The provision of free busses to convey commuters to and fro their various destinations.

Remittance of =N=8,000.00 monthly to poor 12 million Nigeria homes and, Education loan for poor Nigerians in tertiary institutions.

While fellow Nigerians were still deliberating on the expected impact of the incentives as announced by government, the worst that had been in the kitchen of the government was served on the populace

Increase in the pump price of petroleum products.

Increase in electricity tariffs

Increase in the school fees of unity schools

Increase in the fees of tertiary institutions

Devaluation of the national currency

Merging of the dual exchange rate regime which had cushioned the effect of undue pressure on the naira

Increase in the exchange rate of the naira to the US Dollar on the Customs Portal.

One couldn’t claim or say that there was any thought out measures to make sure that these actions wouldn’t become too burdensome to Nigerians.

All these and many more have finally brought fellow Nigerians on their knees.

The level of burden and hardship on parents is now unprecedented and had never been experienced in the history of this nation

To add Sault to injury, it baffles one to comprehend that the main actors in this government are the same people who nearly shut down Nigeria when the government of GEJ tried to embark on the same subsidy removal.

It is indeed a shame a pity that these same lots would be so insensitive to the plight of Nigerians in the face of insecurity and steady destruction of lives and property.

The other day, a lot of Nigerians lost their lives in Ore just because they went to scoop fuel from a fallen tanker

It’s time to ask some questions and enquire what the mission and goals of this administration are.

Rumor has it that they’re doing all these to stir up civil unrest so that Nigerians would take to the street in protest which might lead to a lockdown that would affect the case at the presidential election petitions tribunal which has a moratorium of some days to it

If the above is true, then we implore the organized labor to exercise some patience and allow this hazy wind to continue to hang out there while we pray that the right thing should be done.

A stich in time, they say, saves nine

We have come a long way and we are all equals take holder’s in “project Nigeria”, we owe ourselves a duty to watch and be at alert at a time like this so that these politicians wouldn’t use us to destabilize Nigeria for their selfish interest. We shall all overcome and the gate of hell shall not prevail.

Patience is the watchword. Nigerians, patience. We have started the journey already and by his grace we shall get to the promised land.

Thank you all.



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