Njemanze Dynasty: Chinedu Egere, How Dare You?

First of all, let me start by saying how dare you mention my name in an Article that you never spent time to research?  How dare you lecture me on family, custom, and tradition that I grew up in?  How dare you, a citizen of Egbu, publish an Article on the culture of a family I was born into, without doing your homework?  How dare you mingle in a Royal Njemanze family dispute with absolutely NO royal blood nor knowledge?

Mr. Egere, I respectfully know and respect too many journalists both home and abroad.  A real journalist will research a story or Article, very well before publication.  No real journalist both in Nigeria and overseas would have the guts to publish that trash full of dreams, fiction, and lies.  Are you a journalist?  I assume you went to a 4 year college respectfully Sir and studied journalism.  If this published Article is the best you could do, I highly and seriously recommend, you go back to a  six year school of journalism because you evidently did not learn anything at a  four  year college.

Please Sir, tell the readers what you are trying to say.  Reading your Article, honestly nauseated me and so many others.  This published Article can be said to be a disgrace to all journalists and members of the Nigeria Guild of Editors.  To everyone that bought the Newspaper thinking your Article will educate them on some Njemanze history, I humbly apologize on your behalf.

Mr. Egere, you are not from any compound(s) that comprise Owerre Nchi Ise and you are not a member of Njemanze family.  You do NOT know our customs and traditions; neither do you know how Ozurigbo of Owerre is selected.

I am the youngest daughter of one of the greatest Ozurigbos of Owerre.  I am the daughter of the fearless and most outspoken Ozurigbo of all times.  My beloved late father of blessed memory was, His Royal Highness, Eze Igwe Alexius Anumaku Njemanze, alias “Nakwa Echeki” ,the Ozurigbo IV of Owerre.  All I can say to you Mr. Journalist is “Na Kwa Agbako.!”

How dare you educate me on a life I lived from 1976-1988?  I was old enough when my dad was coronated.  As an adult, I witnessed my uncle, Prince Emmanuel Osuji Njemanze’s  coronation as the Crown Prince by my dad. He  later became, His Royal Highness Eze Pharmacist Emmanuel Osuji Njemanze, Ozurigbo V of Owerre.  Did you even take the time to read the Eze selection process that was published several times in  Nigeria Newspoint Newspaper?  Isn’t that your job as a journalist to research before publishing your rubbish?

I would like to pause right now and inform my readers that Mr.Chinedu Egere is an uncle or relative to  Bob Njemanze and Harold Njemanze.  Mr Egere is related to his mother who is from Egbu.  Let’s clap for him.  There is a saying that a child will always run crying to his mother when they are scared, hurt, or feel threatened.  Bobo and his cronies are scared, hurt, and threatened by the request for a painless DNA test and so they cry to their maternal uncle since their mother is no longer with us.

Folks, to be honest I will tell you with some confidence that this so called publication was written by one of his nephews who then asked to have Mr. Egere’s name attached to it.  This same nephew,  in the USA has been caught several times for the same crime of impersonating someone else in a group message.  We know he wrote this Article.  I feel very sorry for Mr. Egere to be set up this badly.  This will tarnish his name and record as a journalist and no one will want to read his Articles ever again.

Nde Owerre, my people, did that Article address any of the issues I raised in my own publication of January 9, 2023 in the Nigeria Newspoint Newspaper?  The answer is a big NO.

Now, here are the facts:

Prince Charle Ezemurum Njemanze did not want to be Ozurigbo.  He was approached in 2019 by the one and only Lone Njemanze Kingmaker and asked to return home and take his father’s throne.

Charles then asked for time to consult with his family abroad before accepting.  Charles then asked the Kingmaker if the selection process was followed.  The answer was yes, but keep your mouth shut.

Charles returned and after consultation with the family, called the Kingmaker, Bob  to accept and was told to send his resume at the request of the Governor, His Excellency, Senator  Hope Uzodinma.  Charles did as he was asked.

In 2020, the Covid-19 Epidemic hit the world and everything was put on hold.  Communication continued with the Kingmaker and Charles, however

Charles did not know that all his communication were secretly being recorded without his consent by Bobo  to be played and shared later to embarrass Charles.  But it backfired on Bobo.

In 2022, Charles found out on the WhatsApp App that a Crown Prince had been selected by the Njemanze family and without the courtesy of a telephone call by Bobo.

Charles called Bobo  who then denied it and told him nothing was finalized until the following Sunday during the meeting of the purported elders.  Charles never heard again  from Bobo to explain or apologize.

Then, Bobo  and his elders conspired with some  Njemanze youths to demand two weeks for the elders to present a Crown Prince.  It was their cover up for selecting a Crown Prince without notifying Charles, a crown prince that is allegedly not in tune with the Njemanze blood line .  Charles was never notified by Bobo about the change in plan.

You all insulted my brother while he was minding his business.  Now, you are paying for it.  Again without his knowledge and consent, his conversation with Bobo was secretly recorded.  Thank God my brother in that secret audio narrated how he was approached for the position and questioned the  reason he was never notified about someone else being chosen or about to be crowned.  Bobo never explained why.  The audio is available for all if needed.

We all started asking if the selection process was followed and used.  None of these alleged “good for nothing” elders knew what the selection process was until it was narrated and published by a grandson of another great Njemanze, His Royal Highness, Eze Johnson Osuji Njemanze of blessed memory the Ozurigbo II of Owerre.  A very good hearted man and my uncle.

These elders were moving very fast with the coronation of someone we all knew was not of Njemanze bloodline, whose father was allegedly  one Patrick Morgan  but was allowed to change his name from Morgan to Njemanze to get a job with Shell Company in Owerre.  My dad  told us the background of the said  Patrick Morgan of different descent and hence his children CANNOT be Ozurigbo of Owerre.  We all knew that; growing up.  We also knew  of Bobo.  If I am wrong, I challenge them to a DNA test with my brother and other Njemanzes.

All the five compounds in Owerre rejected the Crown Prince, shamefully.  The Crown Prince never visited any of the 4 compounds out of fear.  Umu Ororonjo published a disclaimer and some of their youths threatened to flog the Crown Prince if they saw him around Umu Ororonjo.  Shame!!  The other 3 compounds followed with their rejection of the so called Crown Prince.  He was never presented to any of the 4 compounds of Owerre and he was stuck in Obi Ukwu Njemanze for all their alleged fraudulent ceremonies.

The expected coronation was initially scheduled for September 2022, before our September lawsuit but was moved to December 2022 ,fraudulently.  In September, some of the Njemanzes abroad filed a lawsuit to stop the alleged stranger  from ascending to our sacred throne.

We are asking for a court ordered DNA test to biologically identify the REAL Njemanze sons using the Y-Chromosome.  We will expose them.  Bobo Kay, his alleged fake crown prince, and all the alleged Non Njemanzes are freaking out and terrified of a process that is not painful and only needs their Royal Saliva.  The DNA process has exonerated a lot of innocent men and women.

So, my homework for Mr. Chinedu Egere is:

Read and study the selection process for the Njemanze family,

Research the biological background of the fake crown prince and see if he allegedly is of Njemanze descent.

Tell your readers about your nephew Bobo Kay.

Advise your nephews and everyone to submit to a DNA test just like my brother, Prince Charles did with his cousin Uzoma Osuji Njemanze.

Let them volunteer for the DNA test to stop the rumours.

Explain to your readers why an alleged non descendant should be allowed to sit on our sacred Njemanze stool.

Recommend Egbu coronate Bobo Kay’s crown prince and let him be the crown prince of Egbu.  It will be perfect because only a living Eze can select and coronate a Crown Prince.  The Eze of Egbu might be glad to accept the help from a retired Judge.

My brother Charles is DNA tested, he is the son of the late Eze Anumaku Njemanze of Owerre, and is overqualified to wear the crown if it fits, at the conclusion of the selection process.  Charles is retired and happy with his life.

So, in conclusion Sir, stop publishing fraudulent Articles and read the Njemanze Eze selection process, visit the 5 compounds of Owerre and advise your nephews to stop getting scared of a simple DNA test.  The most feared letters in the Njemanze alphabet is D.N.A.  I do not care if my brother is the Ozurigbo of Owerre, but the selected person MUST be DNA tested.  Only a DNA tested Njemanze son shall ascend to the majestic throne of my grandfather, period!

May God Bless us all as we embark on this exciting journey of selecting our Ozurigbo.

I remain always respectfully yours, Stella Anumaku Njemanze Neboh


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