Anene Opens up: Party leaders sabotaged Ohaji/Egbema/Oguta/Oru West PDP candidate

It has been revealed how the Candidate of Ohaji/Egbema/Oguta and Oru West federal constituency in the last general election Hon Barr Chijioke Obed Achilonu was allegedly sabotaged by some leaders from both the state and the federal constituency. This revelation came from one of the leaders of the party from Oguta LGA Princess Callista Anene who disclosed on social media how the leaders of PDP from the federal constituency secretly worked against their own candidate adding that she decided to reveal what actually happened as a way of asking for forgiveness in aiding and abetting the alleged sabotage. This also came after Chief Obed Achilonu had openly in press release thanked the leaders and his supporters for their support suing for unity amongst them to forge ahead with the conclusion of the legal matter at the Appeal Tribunal which favoured Hon Uju Kingsley of AA. According to her, the sabotage resulted in the result of only five booths in Ward A and B in Oguta LGA submitted out of the 29 booths and other booths in Oguta, a development that she said would have resulted in declaring many booths inconclusive and a rerun ordered.She said that she could recall how many of the leaders did not sincerely volunteer to support him even throughout the court processes with their present and even financially pleading God to forgive her action. She said that all leaders must strive to build not to destroy stressing that leadership comes with expectations.Full text of her speech read: “Obed Oru West: Good morning. Barr Obed. Thanks for accepting the judgment and advising ours in good faith to join hands to move our federal constituency forward. I want to beg you in the same spirit, please sincerely forgive us the PDP leaders in both state and at the federal constituency level whom you are thanking today, many of us who vowed with our last blood never to allow you represent the good people of Our federal constituency and openly stood against you in all areas during your campaigns and sabotaged your election right before our nose in Oguta ward A and B, Results of only 5 wards was submitted and recorded as against the 29 boots in the wards and other wards in Oguta south .A development that would have resulted in declaring many booths inclusive and hopefully a re-run In Oguta LGA instead of declaring a winner before heading to tribunal. I can recall how many of us leaders did not sincerely volunteer to support you throughout the court proceedings with our present ,capacity and financially. May God Almighty continue to bless your good heart, Spirit, family, the good people of our great party (PDP) and the good people of our federal constituency in Jesus name I pray”.She continued “Being a leader in the party comes with much expectations. A leader strives to build not to destroy. A leader seeks to unite not to scatter. A leader’s words are seasoned with grace and help to heal not to fuel hate or insinuate regret. A leader takes responsibility and acts when they see something going wrong not to point accusing fingers when things have gone sour. A leader never washes their dirty linens in public. If you really are a leader in the party then it would not be too much to expect you leave up to these expectations. May the almighty be with us all. More blessings”.Princess Anene also said that this was a that Restitutions God demands from a new her , as a repented sincere elder and leader of the younger generation.

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