ABM : The Reward For Dignity Of Labour.

By Nze James Chinonyerem,

Prince Alex Mbata, ABM is a man who rightly understands the essence of dignity of labour. He encourages it in talks and acts. He believes in the honesty of it as the main driving force that transmutes man and his society into a better place. As an employer, he understands the values of his staff as essential not only to the growth of the business but also it’s survival. To him, everyone matters. With him, it is a layered system of collaborations and participation.

He rewards each as the scripture says, “the labourer is worthy of his wages.” A team player and motivator he is always, a community friendly man whose philosophy remains, as captured in the Igbo cliche, ” eji eshi uyo maranma fu ama” ( charity begins at home). Prince Alex Mbata is the only one among the lot that has verifiable investments in Owerri. A few mention will suffice, ABM GLOBAL GROUP FACTORY, GAS STATIONS, ESTATES, HOTELS etc. The outfits have given quality and gainful employments to over four hundred (400) youths in Owerri and beyond.

A pan community development promoter, Prince Alex Mbata also rightly understands the essence of the community spirit. A natural fellow – feeling that drives the community’s aspirations. Again, with him, the community, like the family is important. He devotes huge slices of his earnings to serve the community’s needs in every material and moral sense. It is to the glory of God and his credit, that perhaps, at the last check, Prince Alex Mbata is the only Owerri son or daughter who has through personal purse, constructed almost ten kilometers stone based roads with drainages and lights. He remains the only one who again, through personal efforts, empowered more than six thousand people across social stratas in Owerri Zone. It is also on record that he has given scholarships to more students in Owerri Zone and beyond more than anyone else. I stand to be challenged. Equally of note are his assistances in securing blue chips positions for sons and daughters of Owerri Zone. The dignity of this is that Prince Alex Mbata makes no boast of it neither does he use it to talk down on people. To him, these are human investments that will have what former President of America, George Bush Jnr refers to as trickle down economics. ABM believes in the philosophical dictum that “All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence”

Unfortunately, for some time now, some marauders who have never used their privileged positions to either attract or do good for their villages have hit the roads daily in search of emergency relevance and endorsements. Because their exam scripts are blank and score cards poor, they resorted to lies, favouring what Chimamada Adichie calls the “single line story,” the story that denies the achievements of the other person.

These pretenders to the Senate seat, who clamour, wail, curse, abuse and try to water down the great achievements of this princely son of Ngwoma Obube in Owerri, a rare gift of a man with generous heart should not be allowed to deceive the people again and again. The perennial contestants and never do well occupiers of public offices are so intimidated by the high profile of this young man, ABM. They are nimble by his personal accomplishments, public endorsements, they are totally bemused, disarmed and seem dejected by his verifiable records of social services. Instead of acknowledging the good done, they decided to take flight from reason. Unfortunately for them, their lies have become stale. They are sullen and out of ideas. Their lines of lies which are the hallmarks of their narratives exposed their inadequacies. Instead of them to be contrite and accept the truth, they chose the gutters, speaking in hateful tones. They prefer a slugfest, a kind of motor park, talk and fight. Sadly for them, ABM is not cut for such poor and crude engagements. He is more refined, his language is cultured, clear and sound. His mien is congenital, his push is gentle, his pull attractive. In all, his records of service are more noble, more dignifying and verifiable. This is his labour, his dignity and it will certainly, be his reward.

Prince Alex Mbata is coming with a new vision, a new mission to reclaim the heritage of the Owerri Zone people.

Owerri Senatorial seat come 2023, must be be a context and conquest of truth over lies. No matter the fiery homiletical indulgences of the other aspirants, Prince Alex Mbata is the best in APC to win the ticket and win the main election.

Like I have always said, the context must be issue based. The Owerri People must ask questions and demand for answers.

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