South East Political Leaders and 2023 Presidency

Power they say is not given but taken. If an individual or group wants power they are expected to stand up and  struggle for it.

The  jostle for power in Nigeria is a direct fallout of  the enormous benefits that come with holding political power,  particularly,  presidential powers.

The constitution of the country vested intimidating powers in the president and as a consequence, different ethnic nationalities see presidency occupation as  do or die affair.

The North is one good example of a region that fights with all its might for the seat. The South West has also exhibited that burning desire to a reasonable degree.

For their exertions they seem to have enjoyed the largesse to the exclusion of the South East, and other nationalities.

The seeming shortchanging of the South East in the occupation of the number one seat has been the key reason behind the unceasing cry of marginalization and  clamour for Nigeria president of Igbo extraction.

Presently, it appears  there is  gradual build up of national sentiment in support of that clamour. Given this sign of light at the far horizon,  South East political leadership is supposed rise up firmly and fully throttle down on that justified struggle for Nigeria president of Igbo extraction in 2023.

But, that force is not there even though there seems to be some energy being put into it.

Ohanaeze has been talking and taking some steps. Gov David Umahi Senator Pius Anyim and Owelle Rochas Okorocha   have publicly declared.

However, the question is, are these enough work so far?  They are not as presidency project is herculean task that requires more than mere declaration of intention and rhetoric.

Igbo political elite must do more than these going forward if the dream is to come true.

While we appreciate the fact that they belong to different political parties,  one feels rather strongly that in a matter of common interest like this, there is need to start a process of consensus building.

That initiative appears to be very needful because at some point in time in the struggle the entirety of the zone is expected to speak with one voice, irrespective of party differences.

From experience it may be at  the point of doing that, that other regions may begin to seriously give the project a serious thought.

Having for ages held the erroneous view that Igbo can’t speak with one voice, there is certainly the possibility that they would be taken very serious the day they do that.

In addition to that, it is time too they commence serious engagement with other parts of the country.  Ohaneze and Igbo political leaders should set up a committee and empower it for the crucial task.

More attention should be paid to closing ranks with other southern regions and appealing to them earnestly to buy into the project.

As it is well known and acknowledged that no single zone can make itself president, those on the drivers seat of the clamour should redouble their efforts at making others buy into the project as time is no longer friendly.

Truth be told if South East desires power then its political leadership should do better than it’s doing now. There is nothing much on ground  currently to give one confidence that the quest is achievable.

It is only when the political and sociocultural leadership have demonstrated strongly in words and actions that their zone truly desires and deserves the slot that other Southern peoples and Nigerians  will solidly stand behind them.

And with  the nation massed around the zone, the journey would have been made a lot more easier.

The earlier they ramp up the fire of the struggle the better. Otherwise, the region should kiss good bye to 2023 presidency dream!


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