Ordinarily, I would not have commented on the governorship election of Anambra State. But I have to do so because of some irresponsible comments by myopic uninformed politicians to the effect that “Anambra is not Imo and Imo is not Anambra.” Such annoying comments perhaps from Yo-yo boys who do not know the chemistry of both Imo and Anambra politics continue to make annoying statement. To start with, we have forgotten the short history of Imo and Anambra states to the effect that we used to say Imo and Anambra are one and the same thing in the political environment. Or to say that Imo and Anambra are the same. Except those with Cocoyam brain will argue that Imo and Anambra have a lot in common. Is it long time ago that Anambra State was exercised from Imo State. It is painful, absolutely painful that Imo was created out of old Anambra State and not young enough to forget the political evolution which gave rise to the creation of Imo and Anambra States in no long distant time.
First, after the creation of East Central states, it was the creation of Anambra and Imo State. Then after that, there followed the creation of Abia andEnugu states. Ebonyi State was created due to the mountain and mountainous pressure from leaders. Of which the leaders included Akanu Ibiam, Michael Okpara, Agom Eze and many other leaders from Afikpo and Abakiliki. It must be remembered that it was during the time of Murtala Mohammed who died prematurely that the proliferation of states began. Otherwise, Anambra, Imo, Enugu, Abia and Ebonyi were known to be from one biological father in terms of biological sequences and they were very homogeneous. However, a lot of things went wrong in terms of political configuration. After all, very many Imo people lived in Anambra, worked and traded in Enugu, Afikpo, Umuahia and they were homogeneous. Unfortunately, the coup of 1966 brought a lot of division among these states. Much as Anambra, Imo, Abia, Ebonyi and Enugu were homogeneous, disaffection and disintegration came in immediately after the 1966 coup in which many Igbo particularly those living in the North were annihilated. Many of them returned to their father land and that was the beginning of fragmentation.
Many scholars including myself believe that if our regional cohesion had remained together, the question of division would not be there.
However, the creation of the 36states did not help matters but others will think otherwise. It was due to this fragmentation that made the ethnic groups to begin to hate others. Today, Abians are thinking more of Abians, Ebonyians are thinking more of Ebonyians more than the Afikpo and others. Today, all other ethnic groups have been fragmented. The Igbo think more of the Igbo more than the Abia, Delta, Abakiliki and others. Now, those who understand the homogeneity of the Igbo would not think of dichotomy. Therefore, those who think that the Igbo or more succinctly that the Abians are different from the Imo’s are making a mistake. Because according to Walter Bagehot of British extraction , “What touches one touches others.”
To put it more succinctly with regards to the Anambra election, except those who are politically blind that will think that any other party other than APGA will win Anambra election.
What is more, the political history of what the Uba family did during the time of Ngige governorship race is still fresh in the minds of many Anambrarians. I strongly believe that it would take a monumental legacy of many history for the people of Anambra to forget that incident. Because Anambra people are businessmen with entrepreneurial acumen. Therefore when somebody told me that Andy Uba would win the governorship election, I laughed off my head and blew up my intellectual capacity. I told a friend that it would be possible for an egg to go through the belly of a crocodile rather than Andy Uba winning. He did not believe me because I even told him that it would be easier for a crocodile to slip through a crocodile’s stomach without it breaking.
In fact, nobody but nobody should doubt the people of Anambra State. Furthermore, it would be possible for Chief Zebudiah to win the last Governorship election in Anambra State than for Andy Uba to win. That friend of mine argued and wanted to stake a bait that Andy Uba will come first at the poll. Unfortunately, since after the election I have called him but he has refused to take my call. But I know that that has not ended our friendship. But now he has known that it is only when a hot oil goes into the stomach of a crocodile that she will know that there is a difference between hot oil and cold water. And now he knows that indeed, Imo is not Anambra.
I wish we had staked that bait and I would be more buoyant today than yesterday.

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