Igbo Leadership Intercessors call for prayers …Holds meeting, Apr. 11

Against the backdrop of present Igbo race predicament in the Nigeria Federation which has unleashed terrible hostilities against the people at every created opportunity, the only way forward for the realization of Igbo leadership potentials via her due recognition and acceptance as well as the maximization of the potentials of the Igbos for developmental purposes of any place they are is a call for fervent prayers.

With respect to this exclusive preserve of intercessors, Evangelist Samuel Ezeji has raised a lamentation calling on intercessors in Igbo land to urgently enlist into his latest initiative, Igbo Leadership Intercessors Worldwide.

According to him, the present challenge is not about who is big or small, rich or poor but rests squarely on the all-conquering, all-powerful Almighty Jehovah, the Man of War, who is waiting on intercessors to call upon Him.

Evangelist Ezeji explained the mission of Igbo Leadership Intercessors Worldwide to include the recognition and acceptance of the Igbos in leadership position, the maximization of the potentials of the Igbos for developmental purposes of any place where they are resident anywhere in the world, promotion of unity and working together of Igbo leaders at all levels.

Addressing a group of Good Governance Evangelical Initiative foot soldiers, he maintained that the right future of Igbos in Nigeria lies with God only, following his guide, timing and directive which obviously is not the work of human flesh, “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God….” The forum therefore invites all burdened intercessors to attend the April 11, 2021 Review/Prayer Meeting taking place at Praise Centre Church International, Off First Bank Plc Bus stop, Amakohia, Owerri.

Meanwhile, a release from the office of the International Coordinator has also invited all well-meaning Igbos in Imo State to the movement’s ongoing review meeting in preparation for the organization’s inauguration which comes up soon in the capital city of Owerri. The release says, the venue of the review meeting remains Praise Centre Church Int’l, Amakohia Parish, Off First Bank Bus stop, Amakohia, Owerri on Sunday, April 11, 2021 by 3pm.

For further enquires call Evangelist Samuel Ezeji on 08036006537

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