Irona didn’t threaten Anene, does not know her

Our attention has been drawn to a sponsored, but false report on page 8 of the weekend Edition of the National Newsbreak Newspaper captioned “Princess Anene cries out over threat to her life.” The report is also promoted on the front page of the same edition.
The report, which does not have a Bye-line, quoted one Calista Anene as alleging that the Deputy Governor of Imo State, Engr. Gerald Irona, through one Buchi Adigwe threatened her on telephone.
She further accused the Deputy Governor and his wife of “presiding over a prayer session in his house, during which they mobilized Oguta women who wore black and prayed for her death. She also boasted that she sabotaged the Peoples Democratic Party in the area to hurt the party’s candidate for the House of Representatives during the 2019 elections, among other issues.”
Ordinarily, we would not have bothered responding to the baseless claims, but considering the fact that lies told severally may soon begin to sound like the truth, even to the manufacturer of the lies.
Available records show that there is no aide of the Deputy Governor named Buchi Adigwe. Whatever telephone conversation she claims to have had with him was personal and has no business with the person or office of the Deputy Governor.
Her claim that Oguta women were mobilized by the Deputy Governor to protest against her is laughable. On the said day, hundreds of women from the area, perplexed by what they described as Anene’s misconducts and disrespect to their son, the Deputy Governor came out in black to protest against her. Reports have it that they went as far as laying curses on her, accusing her of committing abominable acts against their land, among other things. As part of the protest, which took them round the entire Oguta community, the women paid a solidarity visit to the Deputy Governor of the State, who, among other things, warned against taking the laws into their hands.

As for her allegation of sabotage against the Party’s House of Representatives candidate in the area, I make bold to say that even the candidate of the Party during the 2019 polls knows the huge sacrifices the Deputy Governor made in support of his election and cannot accuse him of sabotaging his election. The party certainly knows how to handle people like her.
Recall that a few weeks ago, in a banner headline story on one of the local papers, the same Anene claimed that she used a Cow to make prayers for the victory of Governor Ihedioha.
The general public is therefore advised to disregard Anene’s claims, as there is no truth whatsoever in them. She is simply being sponsored by enemies of the state to distract the government of the day.

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