Onyekaba condemns demolition of Okafor’s mansion at Osemoto, Oguta

A frontline politician in Imo Stale and Egbuodike of Obodoukwu in ideate North LGA, Chief Ugochukwu Onyekaba has condemned in very strong terms, the dastardly act of demolition of the mansion and country home of the APGA candidate for Ohaji/Egbema, Oguta Federal Constituency, Chief (Dr) Henry Okafor.
Describing the act as the height or barbarism and wickedness, Chief Ugochukwu Onyekaba argued that, only unrepentant demonic characters can sponsor and execute such catastrophy that leaves a fellow man homeless, at this election times. He therefore, cautioned against politics of bitterness, rancor and regret and drew the attention of the perpetrators of this heinous crime to Isaiah chapter 5:11, where God promised, “destruction for all those that plot to destroy others”. He warned politicians against resort to the obscene, in order to score even or settle scores since there must be life after elections
He wondered why some politicians who have occupied the positions of governors, senators and speakers of house of assemblies, or representatives are very desperate co return to their various positions without giving comprehensive accounts and stewardship or their previous or prevailing mandate for the past eight years
He called on the youth to resist the unwholesome appropriation and hijack of their mandate, and prospects by those expired politicians, who do not wish them we I and urged the youths to endeavour to say the truth at all times, since only the truth can set them free. “Dying for the truth exalts the people, hence, his admonition against those youths, who because of a plate of porridge, hide under some resourcesless and misguided political gladiators to undermine the prospects and competence of credible politicians, who mean well for the greater majority of the people. He counseled the youth to take their destinies into their own hands for good.
He therefore reminded the youths that, since death is for all, it is more graceful to die on the side of the truth and be appreciated by God, than to die as a dishonest citizen in the kingdom of hell. The later according to Chief Ugochukwu Onyekaba, should not be the portion of lmo youth.
It is against this level or banditry arid gangsterism at Osemoto that, he congratulated the new IG, and appealed to him to turn the police around to protect lives and properties, instead of being used as agents of destruction and insecurity of lives and properties by over-zealous politicians. He called on the new IG to investigate the gangsterism at Osemoto and bring perpetrators 10 book, to serve as deterrent to other miscreants.
Having witnessed bow our traditional institution in Imo State has been ridiculed in the last eight years, Chief Ugochukwu Onyekaba advised the traditional rulers, to go ahead and educate their subjects, on who to protect their interest and enhance their welfare as governor, so that, they do not stand under the rain and sunshine anymore, and get humiliated by a subject of theirs who they helped by freely giving their mandate, to lead them as governor.
Turning to our Christian leaders and clerics, Chief Onyekaba urged them to pray fervent y for peace and tranquility, especially during this electioneering, so that the elections in Imo State will produce a true, committed and devout Christian father, with the happiest family, built in unity and love, which is the epitome of Christianity as governor, adding that, the fear of God, is all that matters in governance that will bring the people closer to Christ for rapid development and progres
It was against this backdrop iliac, ho recommended for the office of governor, come March 2, 2019, Distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Araraume as one who epitomizes true Christianity, that should be voted for, by all true and committed Christians.

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