Governorship: Samdaddy Would Have Been Imo’s Better Option

By Ikenna Onuoha

According to, Maurice Flanagan “Some are born leaders, some achieve leadership, and some have leadership thrust upon them. Which of these are you, or would you rather not bother?”
Can a good leader be rated by his outward appearance or inward possessions? However, a good leader is always charismatic, cool headed, calm, non temperamental and passionate about his environment and the people around him. A good leader who is preferred as best option or alternative in any situation is one who is willing to sacrifice what he has for the joy, peace, unity and betterment of his people. Such good leader is close bye and widely sought for. He is Samdaddy!
Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu, known as “Samdaddy” is a firebrand politician who has contributed immensely in salvaging, Owerri Zone, Imo state and South East both in part and in whole. He was massively voted by Imo people across party line in the last November 11 Governorship election in Imo state, regrettably, his mandate was stolen by enemies of the state. By God’s willing, that hijacked victory will be recovered soon!
Aside being a reputable politician, Samdaddy is a known farmer across the state and Nigeria in general. His farm, “Samdaddy Farms” is one of the most popular, effective, efficient and healthy farms in the country owing to the fact that the establishment has assisted in providing succur towards reducing hunger, and alleviating poverty.
His moves to effect a pragmatic change in the lives of the people started when this young Amaimo Ikeduru born political scientist, strategist and maverick was elected the Secretary General of Imo State Youths Organization (IYO) around 1983.
As the Chief scribe of the umbrella body of Imo Youths, he naturally became schooled in the life and character of the Youths and was as well, exposed to the many challenges facing the Youths of Imo State.
As a charismatic leader with the interest of the people at heart, the youthful Samuel Anyanwu bestowed upon himself, the great burden of ameliorating the sorrow state of Imo Youths.
When he was appointed the Transition Commitee Chairman of Ikeduru LGA in 2003, Samuel Anyanwu used the short period of his tenure to convince his people of Ikeduru LGA that he is ready and well prepared to effect a positive change in their lives. This conviction was instrumental to his victory at the Local Government Council election of 2004 where he emerged winner.
In 2007, Samdaddy got a higher responsibility of representing the people of Ikeduru in the Imo State House of Assembly, a mandate that was renewed in 2011 due to his track record of achievements.
It is on the record that as soon as he assumed duties at the State House of Assembly, Samdaddy manifested his campaign slogan “Action” into a concretized program by fulfilling step by step, his campaign promises of poverty reduction through Youth and Women empowerment and constituency project, a move through which he salvaged Ikeduru State Constituency in particular and the state at large.
After a wonderful and result oriented representation of Ikeduru at the State Assembly, Samdaddy got the mandate to represent Owerri Senatorial District at the Nigerian Senate. A position that offered him great opportunities to broaden the horizon of empowerment carnival.
Convincingly, Samdaddy, as fondly called proved to both friends and foes that he is, and still always be the man for the job. He demystified the Nigerian Senate and brought the dividends of democracy to the people of Owerri Senatorial District and the entire South East geopolitical zone just as he did for Ikeduru State Constituency.
His tripod campaign promise of being a strong voice, youth and women empowerment and attraction of projects to Owerri zone was simultaneously dealt with. Today, most of his major signature structures and projects littered around every nook and crannies of the Senatorial District are quite testimonial and…

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